26 October 2010

Burn, money, burn

What you are looking at is a part of Long Live Copenhagen, the City's latest campaign to limit our alcohol intake to 5. To achieve this 800 custom made inflatable bottles have been dumped in the Peblinge Lake, along with a sign invisible to anyone but the joggers running along the path. The bottles however are partly visible from the busiest road in the city, as were they designed to divert the attention of the drivers when they need it the most.

I counted all of 7 friendly men working on this, plus a three man crew in a small dingy. The bottles are scheduled to stay afloat for a total of 5 days, to work their magic... Every strand of hair on my body is erect. I am so incredibly allergic to being treated like an imbecile. Check out the print on the bottles: "Wasted, 100 percent lame". Can you believe they are getting away with treating grown ups like this? And then sticking them with the bill.

800 bottles of beer on the wall...

The 800 bottles symbolises the average annual intake of alcohol/units for Copenhageners past the age of 14. What? No giant dancing teddy bear to go with that image? How will we ever get the point?

Burn, money, burn.

Long Live Copenhagen campaign

1/3 of all Copenhageners drink too much. Long live those of us trying to cut back. 
Stop before 5. Long live Copenhagen.

100 percent lame

Wasted. 100 percent lame.

I couldn't agree more!


  1. Im speechless (And pissed off).

  2. i saw that today, too, but was too piss drunk to read the fucking billboard.

  3. Copenhageners 15 and over drink over two bottles of alcohol per day?

  4. Uden Relevans, my sentiment exactly!

    Mikael, haha, priceless!

    Green Idea Factory, a bottle represent a unit (is that what you call one drink?), but other than that yes, two units is said to be the average. And what the City frowns upon is drinking more than 5 of those at the time. They change that number ever so often, last time they "advised" us, the units was something like 8 for a woman and I think 14 for a man. But that may have been per week. My head is spinning, I need a drink. Or 6.

  5. How long before the bottles begin disappearing from the lake, finding their rightful places in the bedrooms and dorm rooms of students all over the city?

  6. Haha, Talcott, you are so right, that is just where they belong. I would be surprised if they have not harvested a few already.

  7. Ha, Talcott, I was going to say the same thing! Actually, can you mail me one? ;)

  8. Hi Nova, I stopped by the bottles this morning, and I just don't see there being the 800 they advertised. It could be that people started stealing them already. Or that they put them in a little at the time for the same reason. Anyway, I will try to stop by on friday and see if they have a spare one for you. :-)

  9. Somehow it comes over more as a funny vodka ad than an educational action. As you say - great way to burn money.

  10. Hi Sabine, true, it might as well have been an ad for a new brand of alcohol. A small boy who walked by with his mother even asked the guys working with it, if the message was that he was not supposed to litter, haha.

  11. yes, when i first read your post, i thought are those plastic bottles going to sink into the lake? really, are they going to let them sink into the lake like that? plastic. bottles. ? this is terrible. (i mean everything about it is terrible). hum.

  12. It reminds me of what the lakes usually look like after New Year's Eve parties.... and that effect is free ;)

    - Celena

  13. Hi Celena, I can't help but wonder if anyone even noticed/got the message. If I were a journalist I would investigate this, and try to figure out how much this stunt cost us. :-)


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