10 October 2010

Hello mojo, long time no see

The eagle landed friday, but my mojo took another day to catch up, with a saturday so frightening blank that I feared it would never return. As I embarked on my tour of the city today, I did not know what to expect... but I am back to me. Finally. I harvested 170 shots before my fingers turned numb (hello glove season), and every time I pushed the trigger my mood spiked. You can just imagine the grin on my face today. People must think I am in love. And they may be right.

Yesterday I also got an incredibly inspiring comment on an old post, with the coolest link to a mural project in Philadelphia. I love it when that happens. Perhaps that was why I was so focused on murals today, everywhere I looked there they were. Along with street art and storefronts and all kinds of other things I will have to spread out on a few more posts, so your heads will not explode. But I can not limit myself to showing you just the murals, because the lakes today were incredible, the water was like mirrors. Everything that is beautiful about the lakes was doubled, it was almost unbearable. I sometimes wonder if all this is just in my head or if others see and feel it too. You be the judge:

Water mirror

Water castle

I don't have the heart to tell you what they nicknamed this one... maybe I'll tell you another day.

Copenhagen mural

Balloon girl mural

(Updated:) This mural is a collaboration between three artists: the city and balloons are by Simon Hjermind Jensen, the girl by fashion designer Anne Sofie Madsen and the sky by Claus Frederiksen. A Copenhagen Cruise project.

Happy wall

A contribution to Copenhagen as the cultural city in 1996, from the children of Copenhagen.

Oh mojo, I am so happy to have you back!


  1. Tillykke!
    Jeg ville ønske jeg havde været forbi søerne mens solen var fremme, de ser ekstra spektakulære ud på billederne!

  2. Haha, tak, søerne var helt vilde, især live, det var som om at luften havde et indbygget filter. Jeg ville også stadig ønske at jeg havde set søerne den dag du fangede dem hvor al isen fordampede i en tyk tåge.

  3. i like the spirit woman. the lake photos are beautiful. i am often very moved by beauty, it can make me loose myself into my thoughts, make me cry or make me so happy. sometimes in paris or new york, i was so happy to live in a marvelous city that i would smile for hours. good job. love the mural by Anne Sofie Madsen! happy for you :))))

  4. so glad you liked the mural link! i am almost a little sad i am not living there anymore to go see them in person. beautiful shots of the lake! i have noticed that sometimes biking by and i am always taken aback by how beautiful they are like that.

  5. I feel just the same way! And both New York and Paris hold a big place in my heart, it is still hard for me to believe that I was not with a camera in the New York days. A photographer, yes, but a camera no. It was so good to read your comment, I am happy that you are happy for me. :-)

  6. I see it too, I see it too! The pictures are so BEAUTIFUL. Still and beautiful, and the colours...just wonderful! The rest I'm at a loss - what are you up to, Sandra? Shooting? xo

  7. Hi Lauren, I loved the link, and I would feel homesick too if that was once my home. Philadelphia is certainly a place I want to visit now.

    Hi Sabine, I am happy you see it too! And I did not mean to confuse you, if you mean the "in love" thing, I talk about my new camera, all I am up to these days is shooting. :-)

  8. I love your pictures of the lakes- absolutely beautiful.

    I am a Canadian that used to live in Copenhagen- I went to school there, have great friends there, got married there and had my first son there. Your pictures remind me of the wonderful time I had! Tusind tak! Celena

  9. Hej Celena, selvtak! It always makes me so happy to hear from people who stayed here and have fond memories. And I am happy to be here to remind you about what is good about Copenhagen.

    Hej Uden Relevans, mange tak altså. :-)

  10. can you tell me if the balloon girl is still there - and where I can find her?

    1. Yes, the mural is called "The Great Escape", and is located in Odinsgade 17 on Nørrebro.


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