03 October 2010

Here kitty kitty

The latest thing to hit the streets of Copenhagen is the charm campaign of the yellow buses. It is not aimed at me, as I almost never take the bus anywhere, and my last encounter with a bus driver was this. But I like the idea behind it, spreading the love and asking for input. We should all strive to do things better, and be open to suggestions, but I especially wish that the public service sector as a whole would take note. You are never too big to grow.

Smile fucking more

Smile fucking more.

Badges and candy

Here kitty kitty...

I ♥ my bus / Jeg ♥ min bus

 my bus

... and I love my bike.


  1. Is this really what Copenhagen bus drivers now wear: Smile fucking more?!? Strange.

  2. Ha ha, no, not the busdrivers. These guys are a special charm team only there to make you like the bus more. I think the "smile fucking more" badge is an attempt to speak "street". I would have picked that badge if it was there, but all that was left was the purple ones.

  3. yes this is so strange. and funny. after years of buses in paris (and bike and motorcycle), trams in zurich and buses back in NY (and of course metro and subway), i now appreciate my bike and my car. i know the car is not pc, but you cannot do without in LA, and i like to drive. but the "fucking' is definitively odd for a public service ad.

  4. Hi Carole, If you can't do without a car there is nothing not pc about that, I think. In Copenhagen it is bumper to bumper action on the roads, and expensive- or just no parking available. Here it makes more sense to stick to your bike, if you can.

    On the "fucking" badge, I am now starting to think that maybe he put it on himself, to soften the blow of posing in purple and yellow.. I rather like it.

  5. I don't think you can even write "fuck" on something posted publicly here.

    I have to say, after spending years riding the buses here in Portland (which aren't that bad, altogether), I'm infinitely grateful for my bike. Pedaling along is way more enjoyable for me (and almost always faster) than just sitting on a bus, even when it's raining.

    I would love to see trolleybus operators in Vilnius wear these, as they grumpily hand you a ticket from behind the plexiglass window inside the bus :)

  6. Hi Dave, I feel the same way, nothing beats the freedom and flexibility you have with a bike in the city.

    The "yellow men" are called bus stop hosts, and I suspect it will just be a shortlived stunt. But the idea is really good, and I wonder if it has made a difference, and if it will last. The Danes can come across rather grumpy (blame the weather), despite the surveys naming us among the happiest in the world.

    I know I am happy that you stopped by and left a comment. :-)


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