18 October 2010

Hop on, we are going for a ride

I once had a friend, a very special man with a great sense of humor and an insight that I have missed ever since he passed away at a way too early age. Even though it has been a long time since he passed, I still feel like he is around, and one of the things he felt strongly about was not focusing solely on the holes in the cheese. I woke up in one of those holes today, and in the spirit of my old friend I decided to climb out and go look for some good news. So today I am taking you along with me for a ride, chronologically. See if maybe it will make you happy too.

At the cross section by the bridge they are working to make wider bicycle lanes, and where there is construction, with a little luck, there is Bert. I have been a fan of the giant nipples since the beginning, and I have enjoyed the many shapes they have appeared in, but this one was different..

The not nipple

Ah, now who feels like a dirty old man, seeing nipples where there are none?

On the bridge, I spotted this one, and I have long since learned to catch whatever it is you see when you can, don't assume you will get back to it/that it will still be around/that the light is still there. So I managed to piss of a couple of bicyclists by hitting the brakes to catch this one. Totally worth it.

Peace sign

And besides it got me in a cooler wave of bicyclists than the one I skipped, positioned behind this girl. Long straps! Anything and everything should come with long straps. Go, girl. Things were looking up.

Drive by shooting

And things were looking back.

Littlebrother smokin' on a pipe

Fat lip

Look at that fat lip, how can you help feeling better?

Friendly public telephone booths

A man hanging out on the bench next to these telephone booths was clearly disturbed by my photo session, and winded up leaving his spot. Even if this is a big city, we claim our space. This was mine.


On my way home I was tailing Yin & Yang, complementing each other in a way that made me oddly happy. They were fast and the light was fading but I caught them before they slipped away: 

Yin and Yang

I returned home a lot happier than when I left. Was it good for you too?

I miss you Jesper.


  1. Who is Jesper?

    Sandra you have a knack for finding the coolest things in our wonderfull city

  2. What a wonderful post - it feels a bit like the part in the film Amelie, when she takes the blind man and walks him past all of the things and explains to him what is going on around him.

    I have to admit, the thought of nipples with eyes is a bit disturbing :) Just seeing that bored look in their eyes could be quite disheartening :)

    Just recently in Portland, there is a water tower on top of a warehouse that was "redecorated" to look like a sunscreen bottle :) I got a photo of it, but it's on film I haven't developed yet :)

    I love noticing all these details in the city - one of the reasons I love photography, it gives me a good reason to look.

  3. Hi Uden Relevans, Jesper was my friend that passed away, I thought of him all day today, and felt like he was around to remind me to look at the cheese, not the holes in the cheese. And thank you. :-)

    Hi Portlandize, thank you so much, to be compared to any scene in Amelie is big. When I saw that movie the first time it was like seeing a movie that was entirely dedicated to explaining what the world looks like through my eyes. On the nipple, I think the point is that it is not a nipple, it only looked like it at first. It is a face with a big red nose and eyes.

    I would love to see that sunscreen bottle, it sounds so cool! Let me know if you put it up somewhere later. :-)

  4. Oh, I know the point is that it wasn't a nipple, but I just started thinking about a nipple with eyes, and how horrible it would be if you gave it some attention, and it just looked bored or disappointed :) Sorry, my brain tends to be a bit random :)

    Amelie was an eye-opener for me too... I remember the feeling I had after it finished... just speechless and amazed, and like I wanted to give everyone in the world a hug and kiss. Really just an incredible movie.

  5. My word, you´re faster than me! I haven´t even posted the photos I´ve got of this Nipple which I only planted late last night!!!
    It really is just a nipple, Sandra! The eyes? I didn´t put them there. They were already attatched this morning when i stopped to take my photos! Oh what fun.
    You Nørrebro folks are razor sharp and there´s the truth.

  6. Haha, Bert, I was also surprised that you did not paint the eyes on, that would have been more of your style. The Nørrebro end of town is my hood, I bet you won't be able to plant something here without me finding it. So if this is just a nipple, that is one BIG tip, haha. You have a big part in making my day better today. And evening too, as it turns out.

  7. This was a fun ride - all these eyes looking at you - and a wonderful way to remember your friend.
    (Sorry Sandra for not having come back to you with measurements... I'm a bit ill and everything takes a HUGE effort. Soon!) xoxo

  8. Hi Sabine, I'm glad you liked it. And I know you are sick, things pile up, I understand. Feel better soon. :-)

  9. Are there any other cool street artists in Copenhagen that I should follow?

  10. Bryant, I am posting a story on Huskmitnavn next, with a couple of links, and I just added a link tablet on top of the page (right below the banner), with a few links. It will be longer over time, just keep checking in.


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