24 October 2010


This friday was the opening night at V1 Gallery of street artist gone legit HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName), for a show that for once left me feeling happy and inspired. The humor and energy by far outshone the ever present posery crowd. In fact I walked around with a big grin on my face from I got there until I left, only a little frustrated that I do not have the finances to buy a single piece.

I still remember the early work I spotted by HuskMitNavn back in 2004, when it first hit the streets. I dug out a few shots from the archives, to give you an idea. He really have had his own style from the very beginning, and although his work is still instantly recognisable it has also developed. I am going to show you what I mean, but first check out the early days:

Breakfast for dinner again (and again again)

Breakfast for dinner again (March 2005)             Breakfast for dinner again again (Sept. 2004)

I can't face the truth

I can't face the truth (Sept. 2004)

He has come a long way since then, and is quoted one of the 100 most influential street artists in the world (however they figure that out), in the Gestalten book Beyond the Street. The latest show is called "Awaiting the upturn", with the gallery decked out as a waiting room, complete with a ticket roll, trashy literature, chairs, a children's play corner (making for some 3D action) and those waiting for the upturn. The "people" are cartoonish but oddly you still recognise most of them from your daily life. I am tempted to name a few, but I will play it safe for now, and let you figure them out for yourself. Take a number and a seat, the upturn may take its time getting here:

(Are you exited yet? I was walking on air after this! I'm gonna show you more..)

Last one. I could go on. If you want to see more, the show is running until the 20th of November. Or if you are not able to make it to the show, I made a set for you on Flickr with a few extras. Happy waiting.


  1. Thanks very much for your post. I hadn't heard about this exhibition at V1 Gallery, so it's great to see a few photographs. The last work I saw by HuskMitNavn was back in March when he did the joint exhibition with Lydia Fong at A.L.I.C.E. Gallery in Brussels.

    As a pedantic point, the description of "street artist gone legit" should perhaps be slightly qualified given that HuskMitNavn apparently still produces unauthorised and illegal pieces outdoors.

    Was the response from other people who attended the launch equally enthusiastic? There must have been some genuine art-lovers amongst the "ever present posery crowd". I don't personally consider such crowds to be necessarily stifling or negative. They -- especially when combined with alcohol consumption -- often create an energy and buzz which can compliment art shows and turn openings into proper events. Perhaps even fun ones which subsequently generate greater interest for the art itself. That said, I've never actually been to an art opening in Copenhagen, so what do I know?

  2. Hi Patrick, the pleasure is all mine. I think the general response to the show is good, judging from the press. At the shows there is a rule not to put it down even if you don't like it, so I don't know what the others thought of it.

    I went ahead and called him legit because once you receive the praise, and your pieces sell and get published, what you do on the streets are not considered vandalism the same way. See how they put plexiglas over the banksy pieces now? In my view that does not make him a sell out or any less fantastic, as you can tell I have been a fan from the beginning. And still am.

    Of course there are art lovers at openings, but in Copenhagen at least there is a tendency to form self absorbed cliques that strikes me as very sufforcating. I have not experienced the same in other countries, at opening shows. And it is not something that strikes me as inviting or creative. They just rub me the wrong way, and since it is not allowed to say, it gives me extra pleasure to throw them on my private barbecue in here.

    Thanks for your lengthy comment, I love it.

  3. They are fun! I can imagine coming back from the gallery with a smile on my face with art like this. Talking about the 'ever present posery crowd'... Gee, I used to do a lot a waitressing to keep alive and while handing out the wine and champagne at these gallery openings I always thought they were mainly talking about which party to go to instead of being interested in the art.

  4. Hi Sabine, I always had the feeling that it was about being seen at the opening rather than look at the art. Patrick has a point that a good party is never in the way, but a good party will not happen if you are too uptight, and trying to appear cool. Ick. It is funny you have had the same experience somewhere else in the world. It makes me want to research now, and compare.


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