14 October 2010

A rare vision

Although they are far between there are still a few shops selling locally made goods. One is the blind peoples brush shop. All of the brushes are made in Denmark, most of them right here in Copenhagen, and the most amazing part is that they are made by the blind. The brushes are hand crafted the traditional way, and the craftsmanship is of the highest quality. When I went to take my pictures, I had a nice talk with the kind people who run the store. They are blind as well. Have you ever noticed how often you use the word "see"? It kept coming up and I finally had to ask if it made them uncomfortable? "We don't change the language", the man said, "and besides we see too, only we use our fingers"... "but it can be difficult to hear for a person who have recently lost his vision". "I see", I said, and instantly wanted to kick myself in the face. You see how hard it is to keep that word out of the vocabulary?

The brushes are available online on the Blind Peoples Webshop, but they only ship domestically. I asked if they would consider selling to the rest of the world, but they are fully occupied servicing the locals as it is, and besides you can't rush a craft like that. Why, oh why are there not more places like this left? With locally produced goods of the finest quality? Insourcing is so much more modern and sustainable than outsourcing. Let the blind show the way.


The brushes come in more sizes and shapes than you can imagine...


...and there are no fixed purpose, you are encouraged to use them any way you see fit. 
That is if you have the heart to introduce them to anything dusty.


This one really gets the corners, without bruising the furniture. Good for stairwells, I was told.


The cobweb-buster (?), soft and rounded with two holes for attaching the long handle in different angles. 


And the killer doormat. 


 Even a seeing eye needs to rest.

(I can't even look at this picture without my bones going soft... such a good dog, yeeees)


  1. Hard working dog taking a well deserved break, I say.

  2. ah a brush store. yes made by the blind. i'm enthusiastic for almost everything (except video games and glee tv show...), and i would like to visit this store. i have to see in LA if i can find some little things like that. domestic means a whole different thing here in the US... local is what domestic is for us Europeans.

  3. hi Carole, I think I am going to go hunting for more stores here that do their own thing. In a way I feel obligated, the only way they will survive is if we support them.


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