06 October 2010

Falling for fall

I thought I had learned to suck up the blows so generously handed to me by life, but not having a decent camera takes the prize. Never again! So I went overboard today and ordered the upgraded version of my G9 companion still held hostage by the repair people. The G12 is not even released in Denmark yet, so it will ship from the UK. And not a moment too soon. I am sure you are done hearing me whine about it too?

It is getting darker faster every day, and I am just now realising that quite a few of the trees I pass daily bear fruit. High tempered chestnuts dressed to kill, and all kinds of apples. There is just something romantic about it, the dark and the winds and the mess of the fallen leaves. And one of my favorite parts of fall is how we get to dress up, the drama of the layers, the cool hats and the funky scarves. So, it is not summer, with the floaty dresses and the spaghetti straps, but the show must go on:

Fall in Copenhagen


Isn't it romantic? ...or is it just a pile of rotting apples and I'm all blinded with anticipation? 

Oh, I want to celebrate! Life is good again. 


  1. Stort tillykke kære Sandra! :)

  2. Hurra, tak, hvor er du sød. Der kommer med garanti en lykkepost mere når jeg får fingre i et af mine kære kameraer. Hvem kommer føøøørst? :-)

  3. Life without camera? Unimaginable! I agree, this is the part of autumn I like, too - still a bit warm and full of fruit. The darker and colder it gets the more difficult I'm finding it - then I want to be clad in a big woollen sock like the column in your picture!

  4. Tak for at smitte med din positivitet!

    PS: Hvad er det for en nissestrømpeovertræksstrikting?

  5. Hi Sabine, I am really going to try hard and get the best out of this winter. But I can't promise I won't break down and nag about it at a later point, haha.

    Hej Fie, nej hvor dejligt at jeg smittede. Nissestrømpeovertrækstingen er vist det dér gade-kunst. En lille nisse gik ingen steder, men fryser tilgengæld heller ikke. :-)

  6. I took a great picture of some street art today. I am gonna share it soon, I just wrote about privacy (yes again).

  7. Topnyt lækkert kamera, hurra og en portion misundelse. Og øj, for en fin gadekunst i vinterklæder.

  8. Reading these fantastic blogs makes me realise what it is that I love about the interweb. Sitting here in Melbourne ,as the days grow longer,I am able to witness,on a daily basis, how people in other parts of the world cope with their change of the seasons. The flip side, of course,is that travel becomes less adventurous. We have already 'been' there before!Also,of the subliminal power of the WWW. Before reading you post I had never heard of a G12.Now ,I have checked it out and want(not need) one.

    thanks,as always,for such an insightful post


  9. Hi Ian, when Google was here again recently, this time with a tricycle camera to catch what little they missed with the car, I also felt this way. That the mystery is gone somehow, no surprises around any corners. When I went to Nice three years ago, I google earth'ed the area I was staying at (to locate the fastest way to the flea market and the sea, of course), and when I got there it was like I had already been. It was the strangest feeling.

    I hope I have not taken the fun out of ever going to Copenhagen, for you. There are lots of untold stories for you to find for yourself, it you ever make it to this end of the world.

    On the G12... it is not here yet, but I am holding my breath. If it is as good as the little sister, I say everybody needs one. It was so good to hear from you again, say hello to the sun from me. Sandra

  10. I think Autumn is my favorite time of the year, from the clothes to the feeling of the air to the sunlight to all the fruits and stews and ciders and wines...

    We just collected some chestnuts from the street by our apartment, but unfortunately we let them sit a few days and they got moldy... :( I was really looking forward to roasting them.

    Well, on to apple and pear crips and pies and tarts, and maybe even some honey-canned pears!

  11. Hi Portlandize, I always assumed I loved summer the most, and maybe that was true once, but all of the seasons have something unique to them that I love. And right now it feels like fall is a favorite. But when we reach spring, I will sing another tune I am sure. :-)


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