16 October 2010

The truth is up there

Once again I find myself in that undefined area, so hard to explain to those who either unconditionally love or hate street-utterings. The lovers think it is a free for all and that statues, mailboxes and cars are anyone's canvas. The haters think they should all be punished and forced to remove every trace. And in between there is me. Crying inside every time I see another beautiful red mailbox or statue vandalised with idiotic stickers and skid marks. I don't call them turds for nothing.

But only rarely do I disagree with anything written from or directly on the Copenhagen rooftops. Not even the canvas. Most, if not all of it is by a guy with the street name Spyo. I have been following his work for a while now, and I think it is time you get introduced. Don't look down..

We will never ask for permission!!!!

We will never ask for permission!!!

Up here we escape the rat race!!! 
Up here we escape the rat race!!!



Educate this

Shame on you, Birthe Ronn

Shame on you, Birthe Rønn. One for the Danish minister of Refugees, Immigrants and Integration.

Link: more Spyo on flickr.


  1. ha! i never saw that in Paris. although i would be sad to see writings i think paris roofs are so beautiful. i don't know. this is different. i don't know if i like it or not. (here the roofs are mainly flat, so ...

  2. Hi Carole, you know I would freak if this was on a beautiful copper-roof. And I also do not see this fly in Paris. Only thing I am slightly worried about is the advertising agencies seeing an opportunity here.. It is interesting that there are not many places in the street that the common man/civilian can make his opinion heard, everything is leased out to the highest bidder. This is a big part of how we see ourselves today, I think, the images and campaigns we are being bombarded with.

  3. I saw that one on Palæstinas plads, it felt heartwarming :)

  4. Palæstinas Plads, haha, uroen breder sig.


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