01 October 2010

What's that smell?

While my camera is having the internal lens stains removed, I am left with the suckiest of backups. I had no idea it would be this kind of hell being without my G9, that taking pictures is such a lifeline to me. Surprise. Because my photo-guy understands my torment, he has put a rush on it, so I only have to wait a week... I hate to be that ungrateful whiner that points out how it might as well be a year.

Today the light on the lakes was extraordinarily beautiful. I pulled out the backup to catch it, and for a moment there I believed we had reached an understanding. That this was the kind of shot it was made for. And then I got home and uploaded the wonders. If you think you smell something here, it may just be my frustration.

Focus, you little shit!


  1. Sandra - despair not! 'Great light, poor camera' beats 'poor light, great camera' any day.


  2. yes i feel frustration there!!!! ahhh you don't need technology, just a nice analog backup camera, that is good, and now they are so cheap!

  3. Hi Neil, that is a fresh approach, I may just try that. The light really was amazing yesterday. Like a combination of fire and ice.

    Hi Carole, analog cameras are romantic, and I love the idea of them. But when it comes to film and developing time and scanning prints.. not so functional. I have been spoiled by the digital age, I fear.

  4. ah i use both. there is something with analog that you don't have with digital. i don't scan prints, i ask for a cd at my photographer's. i don't do prints, they are usually pretty poor, just processing and a cd...

  5. See, I didn't know that was an option.. My old analog camera is in storage, I really did not think I would ever use it again. Anyway, I am sweet for the upgraded G12 that has not even made it to the shelves here yet.


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