10 November 2010

Can you believe this sh*t?

I can think of no more effective way of turning people against Christiania:

The three dots representing freetown Christiania. To those trying to shut it down, this masterpiece is a present from above. Just slap a bow on it and call it Christmas.

Young People Sitting (1942)

This is beyond turd!


  1. Their eyes has been like that for a while.

  2. I know. All the statues have the red eyes. But this... I am so angry I am about to explode. If I had seen them in action, I would have jumped them, and probably hurt myself in the process. This shit is just unacceptable!

  3. That's plain stupidity. But I'm sure most citizens of Christiania (had to read up about what it is first. Interesting!) feel the same way. There are always some idiots...

  4. I just assumed everybody knew about Christiania.. If nothing else because it is one of our biggest tourist attractions. But the government is trying to shut it down, or as they call it "normalise" it (have you ever heard an uglier expression?). I don't use it, but I would fight for its right to exist any day.

    I do know they don't like the idea of "normalisation" out there, any more than I like turds vandalising my beautiful statue.

  5. oh that's brutal! both acts, the vandalism is always a brutal act and i hope they don't "normalize" (what a fascist word anyway), although i've never been there, i understand it is a part of your culture and of what the city is.

  6. Brutal is the word. Trying to get rid of the youthouse was also an act of "normalisation", as the users was told to instead take advantage of government approved activities. As if. Normalisation is an illusion, and a bad one at that. Christiania is a very important part of Copenhagen, I hope they realise that in time. And I really hope that the turds disengage the statue vandalism. It is working against them anyway.



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