12 November 2010

A declaration of love

There are so many things about this season that I completely forgot about. One is the loss of daylight (pitch dark at 5), holy crap, that is a killer. I must get better acquainted with the settings on my new camera. I also conveniently repressed the worst of holidays, Christmas, one that only really works if you are employed (by someone else, that is) and have a family and/or children. Or short of that a boyfriend and/or the finances to escape it all. I am so not covered. And to make matters worse Christmas already started mocking me two weeks ago. Seriously, who needs 6 weeks to prepare for one night?

This is also the season for fleeing the scene. I have several friends who are at this very moment kicking back on beaches far, far away. And they will continue to do so for the next six months. One of them just send me an email:

Dear Sandra, all is well here on Koh Samet, check out the attached photos... Now tell me again what is so great about Denmark? You see how hard it is to miss Denmark when you can be here, don't you? So are you going to join us?

And here comes the strange part: despite the Christmas issues and the loss of daylight, and everything else, I love it here. And I am not gagging to jump on a 14 hour flight to lie on some tropical beach next to honeymooners and the later version: the bickering couples. Not now, anyway (maybe in January..). So to my friend who asks me what is so great about Denmark... how about this:

The stork fountain

Stork fountain

The beautiful Stork Fountain

Winter flowers, a classic "hygge" ingredient.

The boot forest

The sculptors festival in the Kings Garden, cut short by vandals, but let's not focus on that today..

Fall sky

The lakes

Leave this? I don't think so.


  1. I love living in a place with seasons, personally, and the only thing I can really complain about with Portland is that we rarely get any lasting snow. I would much rather have that change than live in a place near the equator where the days are always the same length and the weather is always hot, and the sun always shines. It's good that those places exist too, because other people really enjoy that, but myself personally, I get bored easily, I need some variation to keep me interested :)

    And yeah, regarding photography, now I'm playing with different film speeds, and taking photos in the dark, and it's a whole new adventure :)

  2. Such wonderful images! Wearing my 2DKK coin on a chain around my neck today to remind me of your wonderful city. What other country puts hearts on their currency?!

    Also perhaps you could think of Christmas as a time of rebirth and the light returning, if only very slowly, after that.

  3. More kick-ass pics, Sandra! And some lovely thoughts as well . . .

  4. Jaaaa, nemlig! Sådan har jeg det også (indtil engang sidst i februar, anyway. Så begynder der seriøst at mangle nogle blade og lys sådan. Men troperne? Never!)

  5. Hi Portlandize, it took me a while to realise how I love the changing seasons. But I really do, of course it takes some adjusting every 3-6 months, and it can be bumpy, but always interesting.

    Hi Nancy, it is true, I forgot about the hearts, that is pretty special.. And you are right about the light, I just heard that it returns slowly starting on the 21 of Dec. It makes up for Christmas, haha.

    Kelly, thank you so much :-)

    Hej Diner, det er præcis ved februar at den bliver svær at holde, den begejstring. Det er en kunst at komme helskindet igennem hver gang, haha.

  6. beautiful post with beautiful photos! :)

  7. Hi Lauren, I am happy you like it! :-)

  8. Hi Sandra!
    How can you beat the beautiful Christmas lights on the main streets in Copenhagen? Or the Christmas markets? I actually get sentimental about Copenhagen at this time of the year!


  9. yeah, that's why i don't want to go back to paris, i might never leave again, and i have so much to see first!

  10. Jeg skrider til Spanien i januar, uden ville jeg dø af depression selv om jeg elsker sne og alle årstider, jeg savner bare min ven solen.

  11. Hi Celena, no matter how they dress it up with lights, bows and glitter, it is still Christmas and December. I wish I could sleep right through it. But I'll try my best to make something good come from it.

    Hi Carole, I miss Paris all the time, and I was not even born there. But then I miss New York too. My heart is scattered all over the world :-)

    Hej Uden Relevans, god tur derned (jeg savner også solen).

  12. Sandra, jeg har pakket lidt sol med til fra Jamaica. Kan du vente en uge endnu?

  13. Haha Trine, er det dig der er løbet med min sol? Jeg venter spændt. :-)

  14. I'm totally with you, Sandra. It's hard to stay positive these days (and hard not to envy the frolicking friends), BUT there is something to be said to ENDURE it and see the beautiful sides (as you do with your pictures). Even with kid, Christmas is hibernating time for me... Food, wine, books and DVDs and not much else. Big hug!


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