07 November 2010

Geek Girls

Those of you who have children will laugh at me now, but I have to say that I don't function properly on a mere 4 hours of interrupted sleep. Which is something close to what I got yesterday. I spent every minute of them dreaming of filling my shitty, noisy neighbours apartment with concrete, with him and his loud speaking friends strapped inside. As I woke up, more dead than alive, I made sure to position my radio facing the bedroom wall before climbing into the shower. I don't need to be the bigger person all the time, sometimes it is liberating to give in to these tiny pleasures.

I made it to the Geek Girl Meetup IT un-conference in time for lunch, and took a seat next to a group of cool Swedes from every corner of the internet. I snug you some cropped-to-the-point shots of the all-female universe. In a way it is surprising that I was surprised how the atmosphere was so warm and welcoming. But then it is not often that you enter a room of 150 women, and feel like you can walk up to any one of them and start a conversation. It may actually be a first for me. But definitely not last.

Swan tattoo

Camille with the swan tattoo.

Are you a blogger too? I asked. No, I am the web editor for the Swedish National Radio. 

Shadow of an ass-kicker

Shadow of Camilla Ley Valentin, a tiny ass-kicking woman offering a great motivational speech. She made an interesting observation: despite our capabilities and the low start up cost of working in the IT business, only a microscopic percentage of Danish women do. Which does not make sense, because women are using the internet at least as much as men, leaving a huge unexplored market right there for the taking.

Geek Girl Meetup Cph
And La Glace heard I was stopping by...
Handrolled licquorice made on the worlds smallest liquorice factory right here in Denmark (you know I am a sucker for locally produced goods of a high quality, so we definitely have to get back to the liquorice man at a later point!). Golden chocolate covered sweet liquorice, yes, women have balls too!

But you already knew that. :-)


  1. Lovely to meet you over a cut-up t-shirt yesterday. :)

    Here's the link to Levins Pomade, just in case that piece of paper got lost...

    We hope to have the Saint21 pomade for girls we've created together ready by Christmas.

  2. Hello punk girl, haha

    I have lots of little pieces of paper after yesterday, so I am really happy with the link. It sounds like the coolest project, let me know when you are ready with more good things! :-)

  3. Golden chocolate covered balls? ;) Det lyder som et fantastisk godt arrangement. Meget inspirerende.

  4. Det var super inspirerende (selv for en klatøjet deltager), det må du hægte dig på næste gang! :-)

  5. It was fantastic to meet you - and Im so happy you liked the meetup =) awesomeness

  6. Hi Henriette, I was happy to be invited! :-)

  7. Inspirerende måde, du har klippet dine fotos på! Må jeg godt få lov at dl'e dem? Havde ikke selv kamera med. Og ellers bare generelt tak for igår til jer andre geeks :)

  8. Hej Aninja, tak for det. Sålænge du backlinker og krediterer mig så må du selvfølgelig gerne bruge mine Geek billeder på din blog. De ligger inde på flickr, det er nemt at dele derindefra.

  9. No one functions well with 4 hours of sleep (apart from ex-prime minister Mrs Thatcher, though I doubt her functioning abilities). Good you took your revenge!
    The xx geek get-together sounds great - and I want one of these hair clips! xoxo

  10. Oh, Sabine, I wish I could get you one. There was a girly corner upstairs where you could make your own. And I am happy that I am not alone in malfunctioning after 4 hours. The same guy came home again last night at 5.40 and kicked off a new party. I want to kill him.

    But only hugs for you! :-)

  11. ahahah, i think cars are usually more annoying than partying neighbors when it comes to sleeping. i was wondering, reading your post, an i a geek girl? i would love to be, but... well i don't know. love the tattoo, i have to get one of these. but not so big...

  12. NExt year, I´m dressing up as a girl so I can join the fun :D

  13. Hi Carole, I was also unsure if I could go by "geek", but by their own description if you use the internet to express yourself, you qualify. That's you too. :-)

  14. So next year I'm coming (have to learn Danish first, hmmm)

  15. Chocolate covered liquorice balls.....sounds yummy!

  16. Hi Mook, oddly yes. But the real kicker was the one we got to take home: chili liquorice. I would love to do a post on this micro factory, and buy a couple of samples for the readers who would like a taste.


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