17 November 2010

Hide your rabbits!

Copenhagen is blooming with 40 decorated fiberglass Christmas trees. And by december 25th when they are done being on display, they will be auctioned off and the proceeds will buy Jatropha trees to be planted in Mali, Africa. I can't say which of them are decorated by renowned international and local artists, and which are by the children, so I better say no more. The people behind Danish initiative Happyxmastrees mean well, and I hope they raise a lot of money and plant a lot of trees.

(I can't believe they made me talk about Christmas in mid-november)

In front of the city court.


Exit. Only for people on scooters.

Sillemad / Herring sandwich

Herring sandwich... eat that fish.


Happyxmastrees project

My friend The Nile. The decoraters have not been keeping up on the annual makeover. This is beginning to worry me. Maybe it is time "someone else" picked up where they left off? Haha. You know who I mean..

In front of café Europa, the pricey spot with killer brunch plates (totally worth it).

Christmas reminds me of that fantastic scene in Fatal Attraction, where Glenn Close tells her regretful lover: I'm not gonna be ignored, Dan. That is Christmas for you: it's not gonna be ignored. 

Hide your rabbits!


  1. reminds me of Zürich's bears (???) all over the place and then they sold them at an auction. I prefer the trees, by far.

  2. Hi Carole, we also had cows, and next will be the Elephant Parade. I wish they would come up with something completely different soon, that would really knock our socks off, you know? I need the wow.

  3. The trees are great, but Fatal Attraction I could never watch - it's just soooooo creepy, even this short bit freaks me out. I'm such a whimp...

  4. Haha, I was thinking I would like to see it again sometime. I love the way the Americans build their trailers, with that soothing, sexy mans voice and the juicy cuts. I won't be ignored, Dan, is one of my favorite quotes from that era.


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