29 November 2010

I kid you not

I am not kidding when I say we were not eased into this snow-craziness. There are still leaves on the trees in my backyard, and today I saw this poor frozen rose bush, with the beautiful heads intact, encapsulated in an icy glaze. I am still riding my bike, although it too is encapsulated in most places. But the main thing is that most roads and bicycle lanes are cleared, and maintained at all hours. Everybody slows down these days, and the stress brigade get a much needed rest. The weather has forced us to read each other, and cars drive by nice and slow when they pass you.

This post will not be ultra long, because I am busy preparing a little Christmas something for you that you get to unpack on the 1st of December. But you have to see the beautiful frozen rose bush. And did you notice that the pictures are a bit bigger now? If it bugs you, let me know.

Poor thing.

I spotted this one today, and it is not the coolest sticker you have ever seen, I know. But I find it interesting how "regular" people have taken to use the jungle drum and stickers to make themselves heard. It is like the city is one giant pinboard.

The children are paying for the party

The children are paying for the party. One for the City on the gross cuts in childrens care and education.

And this is what it looked like right above the sticker. For every angle there is a new view of Copenhagen. I never get tired of looking at it.


  1. love big pictures. You made me think I have to prepare something too for December 1st... Thank you !

  2. Haha, you are welcome, Carole. And I'm happy that you like the bigger pics. :-)

  3. December 1st is my birthday :)


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