25 November 2010

Lifting the ban

Just today I remembered the words spoken one Christmas by my exasperated grandmother: Christmas is for the children. This was the time of year that the grown ups sucked it up and endured each other, in the name of the children. Of course children pick up on these things, but we in turn pretended not to notice what a huge sacrifice it was for them to be around each other. Many Christmases went by like this, before it was put to an abrupt end by a lawsuit (one of many, the words "see you in court" was frequently uttered in our home), when my mother sued her own brother. 

But before it all derailed, we managed to experience all of the classic Christmas traditions: the home made elf-village, trimming the tree, singing and dancing around it and the grand moment when it was lit for the first time. And the delicious food, the marzipan pig prize (more on that one later), and the presents of course. If I one day get the chance, I will know exactly how to pull off a traditional Christmas evening, minus the migraine. 

Anyway, my grandmothers words came back to me today, as I watched a mother pull the cargo bike up to the the over-the-top Christmas decorated windows, at a huge department store. It was complete with pink glitter, moving bears, wrapped presents and sparkly lights. The child was mesmerised, and as I walked by, I just heard the words: "imagine you could be in there with them". And with that I realised that Christmas is perhaps not out to get me. It is not about me at all. It has simply become my turn to suck it up and play along, to give the children the Christmas rush while they can still catch it.

That does not mean I am all of the sudden in a Christmas spirit, but simply that I have lifted the ban on elves and all things Christmas in here, so you may see a little of it in the next couple of weeks anyway. You know, just to report on events and such. Can you forgive me?

Merry Christmas

One guess where we are?

Yes, it is La Glace, in a midnight session all for you.

The marcipan pig, I have seen enough crappy machine made marcipan pigs in my life to recognise a lovingly handmade version. Look at those personalities, I bet they taste delicious, but who has the heart to eat them?

(it is the oddest thing... I feel like Happy is returning)


  1. Du finder altid skønheden overalt.


  2. how sweet, you in christmas mood!!!!!xxm

  3. I've been trying to leave a comment on your blog for ages! I love all things Danish Christmas. I was in Copenhagen in September and the back of Ilums already had a Christmas display. The Nisser were so cute. I would have brought a whole heap home if not for my Danish fiance who isn't all that into Christmas decorations and Denmark was the first stop of our month long European holiday! Please keep the images coming!!

  4. Hi Lien, I am so glad that you finally did leave a comment here (hopefully you have not been unable to leave it until now for technical reasons). The dancing bears glitter show was actually a part of Illums decoration, that was only revealed a couple of days ago.

    The "nisser" comes in all sizes, you should definitely be able to sneak one with you, and keep it under the pillow so your fiance won't notice, haha. I am probably not going to get overboard on the nisse/elf thing in here, but there will be some. If nothing else I will remember that you like them, and trow in a couple now and then.

  5. i am dying to know about this marzipan pig! i have never seen or heard of this before!

  6. Hi Laurenlila, if you are not familiar with the marzipan pig tradition, you have a cosy story coming your way. I will get to work on that, and serve it up before Christmas evening.

  7. Du smitter; heldigvis. For jeg er muligvis det modsatte julemenneske af dig:) Marcipangrisene ser altså seje ud.

  8. Hej Linda, jeg er det mindst julede menneske i verden. Men nu har jeg altså bestemt mig for at leve i fred med det... om ikke andet så for at de små børn kan få lov at dyrke suset uden at jeg skal stå og tisse på deres julemand. Med andre ord: jeg tager mig sammen. Haha. Og måske ender det med at blive meget hyggeligt alligevel.

  9. hmmm marzipan pig... well you have to tell more about it. Xmas was always happy for me even after the divorce. We managed to get it right I guess. So I'm still very fond of the holiday, and of the tacky decorated tree. We don't follow the rules for the food though, never had, we just eat well... but marzipan pig???

  10. Hi Carole, I think it is good to make your own rules, every family have theirs, and they blend all the time. This sometimes means a lot of extra stuff on the table (some can not have Christmas without the pig roast, others must have the duck and that includes all the extras that go with each of them), but I say the more the merrier. The pig tradition is cosy, I just assumed everybody knew about it, but I see that is not the case. I will definitely get back to that.

  11. oo thanks! very excited for the marzipan pig story. :)


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