28 November 2010

Love on the rocks

One day last week, I have already forgotten which, it started snowing, and it hasn't stopped since. There was no sliding into it, really, not the way I remember it from last year. But then last year was also only something like 5 minutes ago, I just can't keep up with this. But I am happy to surrender, and this guy makes it easy. I am in love with him, even if he doesn't swing my way. 

Out and proud

Out and proud, standing on one of the small hills next to The Nile (I want to call him Niles, haha, I am a Frasier-o-holic). The lakes are getting ready to freeze..

Hi there

Mr. Cool

Love on the rocks
Love on the rocks.


  1. Hi Sandra. This is a super blog - I have just discovered you through Twitter.

    I am visiting Copenhagen for the first time for a weekend in March. Do you have any recommendations on places to stay?

    There is a link to Copenhagen at http://chessfantasia.blogspot.com (no.104)

    Best wishes

    Matthew Amadeus Devereux
    Woking, UK

  2. Hi Matthew, I am happy that you like my blog, thank you for letting me know. At the moment I am working on a small addition to the pages menu, with tips for visitors, it will be up soon, so keep an eye on that. On the living situation, I know my out of town friends have been happy with "Guldsmeden", on Vesterbrogade, but it is not the cheapest spot in Copenhagen. It all depends on what your needs are. I hope you have a good stay.

  3. There is always couchsurfing.com if you are on a tight budget.


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