16 November 2010

Missing in action

I miss happy. I don't know where she went, but she has definitely left the building (come back, you little shit). I think this weekend killed me. Or rather the suckiest of saturday nights out in recent time, so bad that it almost makes me question if I should ever attempt it again (of course I will, just not anytime soon). Which is good, really, because that will leave me all the energy I need to fill the Christmas orders, and think up new ideas (and finish that project..). 

To bring back happy I must make an effort. She likes sushi, so there has been a lot of that, and coffee, strong and plenty, and she absolutely craves daylight. Heeeere, girl, come to Sandra. Life is no fun without you.

Oh, and I tell you what: ever since this, I have dreamed of getting my own dog.

This was my dog "Mate" for about 5 minutes, as she was taken away while she was still a pup. 

Come spring I will get my own. And keep it. 


  1. Ting der altid kan muntre mig op: min hund. Så du har fat i noget dér!

  2. Åh Sandra...Et stor kram til dig.

  3. Hi Carole, for some reason December is always so hard on me. I'll try to turn it around, but it can get very Titanic.. Thank you for asking :-)

    Hej Amalie, åh du aner ikke hvor jeg dør hver gang jeg ser en hund. Det er så på over-tide at jeg skal have min egen. Glæder mig helt vildt.

    Og rigtig mange tak for kram Uden Relevans.

    Det hjælper faktisk at blogge (it helps to blog).

  4. sandra, here i have the strangest feeling. the weather is june like, but it's dark at 5pm. and i feel the tiredness of fall, without realizing it. like jetlag. good luck with december.

  5. Oh, it's been far too long since we've had sushi, I've been craving it lately, wanting to just stuff my face with maguro, and have a little bit too much sake to go along with it :)

    I hope that you and happy have a speedy, and wonderful, reunion. She's out there looking for you, I'm sure. It's just that when it's so dark out, it's hard to find people :)

  6. Hi Carole, that sounds surreal too.. the heat minus the light. I look forward to seeing pictures (is it just me, or does the dark eat some of the motives? I seem to have less shots these days).

  7. Hi Dave, I used to go to a small family driven sushi place in the centre of Cph, but they retired, and I just can't find a replacement. I really loved stopping by them and having my chat and my sashimi de luxe to go. Nothing ever stays the same. But that goes for this stupid mood too, ha!


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