09 November 2010

Sticker fever

Lately I find myself zooming in on stickers. They are popping up everywhere from laptops and bicycles, to cars, doors and lampposts. I even stuck one to the heel of my boot the other day, a sure sign that I am infected. When I woke up today I just knew this would be my post of the day, and then by some strange coincidence, all the way on the other side of the world, the people of Brooklyn Street Art blog was on the same page. Sometimes the world seems like such a small place.

The first one I have been looking forward to show you I spotted in Lille during the monster fleas. There was not a lot of street art, but this one caught my eye:

3D hair sticker

Customized sticker

3D gel hair!!! I wanted to scream, it made me so happy. And the torn edges mmmm..
(you have no idea how hard it was to save this one for now, oh torment)

Stickers infused with humor are the best counter pressure to the endless scare campaigns and warning labels we are subjected to: be aware of this, be afraid of that, be extremely careful to not slip on a banana peel and kill yourself. 

Warning: Helvetica is highly addictive

  Helvetica is highly addictive: don't start.

I used to collect stickers when I was back in school, but they were all from big brands. And there is nothing wrong with that, these days I just like mine with a little bite:

Sticker van

And that reminds me of a really cool one man campaign by comedian Tom Scott, who has created a series of warning labels specifically for newspapers. The photo below is from his site:

He even had them translated by eager volunteers from around the world, and they are free for the taking, so you can print them out yourself.

Stenciled sticker

And as someone who loves a good mix of things, this one hits me in all the right places: oversized and home made with a stencil. I want one! Or better yet, I want to make my own... oh, this is going to be so much fun. You'll see.


  1. Tom Scott's sticker reminded me of this other one: http://bit.ly/aGhY0V wikipedia-style

    I've been tempted to use it so many times grrrr

    Flickr set:

  2. Smil til Sandra er kæmpe favorit i min verden.

  3. Hi X, that is a super cool idea too! Always question your sources, and that goes with the fear thing double. I just can't stand bullying, and nothing deflates tension better than humor.

  4. Ah Linda, hvor er det superhyggeligt! :-)

  5. I'm normally not a big sticker fan, but this is so artistic and wonderful.

    Big Bear Hugs from England, Sandra! xo

  6. Ahh, only now am I seeing the others, too. The first one is still my favourite.

  7. Uh, yes Sabine, I pick only the best to show you. The clown is pretty fantastic, I think. :-)


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