11 December 2010

Armsrock and the milestones

Yesterday was extraordinarily good to me! I went to see the new show by local street artist Armsrock at the WAS gallery, and for once I was early. Or rather I got there in just the right time before the crowds, with all the room I needed to get my shots. The show "Nocturne On A Drainpipe Flute" is slides of letter sized pencil drawings, projected on the walls and ceilings in the small gallery. When the spectators get caught in the cross lights, they are projected alongside the famous life sized Armsrock characters. Like a fairy tale winter edition of the street version, where real people blend with charcoal on newspaper. To say I was exited about this show would be an understatement.

The gallerist was showing me the book of drawings for sale, and seeing my excitement, he suggested that I'd cross the room and say hello to the artist. How big is that? I mean not (only) that I am finally able to meet this guy who has made my day on so many occasions, and for so many years... but the fact that we have come to the point where a street artist can come out of the shadows and take credit for his work? I felt like I was standing at a milestone, right there.

A couple of us wondered about the repercussions of "coming out" like that... is there a fine for paste up enterprise? Yes there is, but only if you are caught in the act. Then it will cost you 510 dkr (some $100 US). And that goes for posters too, but unlike street art, postering is a well paying business, with a separate budget for slaps on the wrist. But there is no cause for alarm: the City of Copenhagen has already consigned Armsrock to do artwork on two separate occasions, doing what he jokingly calls VJing for the City, with huge projections of etchings on city walls. Pretty cool, Copenhagen.

From the enormity of his work and the heaviness of subject, I always imagined that the artist behind it would be a dark and brooding character. But there you go.. he was the kindest man on earth, and not only that, he reads my blog already. Can we fit another milestone in here at all? I was handing out some of my brand new cards (I'll show you soon), but he did not need one, because i am already in his toolbar. I can tell you I'm real comfortable there.

Cart pushing

Lady in fur by Armsrock

Armsrock projected in WAS gallery

Graffiti slide

People in Metro by Armsrock

I can't stop. I wonder if it is too heavy to load? It was even hard to leave the show too..

Armsrock hug projected on ceiling

This one was projected on the ceiling, and I still feel like I was interrupting a private moment.

A link fest:

"Nocturne On A Drainpipe Flute" is running until January 15th. 


  1. Åh Sandra, du er en ledestjerne :)


  2. Orv, hvor er det sødt sagt. Tusinde tak! :-)

  3. Wauw Sandra, jeg faldt lige over din fantastiske blog (tak Ungt Blod). - Nu har jeg brugt alt min tid på at læse gamle posts, det er altså en dejlig måde at bruge lørdag aften! Tak fordi du har hjulpet mig til at åbne mine (efterhånden lidt døsige) øjne for mit smukke, sjappede København igen!

  4. Hej Marie,
    mange tak for de fine ord, jeg får helt røde kinder. Det er så dejligt at høre at nogen kan bruge det man laver til noget, og især til at åbne øjne, hurra. :-)

  5. That art is wonderful, and it's so exciting to be able to meet someone who has been influential in your life somehow. And to find out that they know who you are already? Wow. :)

    We recently got to go see the latest film of Michel Gondry at an independent theater in Portland, and after the film, he did a question-and-answer session in person. Though we didn't get to meet him personally, it was really great to be able to just see and hear this person in a more or less natural setting just talking with people, who has made such incredible, and incredibly human, films - it was a great moment.

  6. Sometimes I am almost afraid of knowing too much about someone whose work I admire, because if they turn out to be a**holes it can mess with your perception (haha). At least that is my experience. But in this case I just like the Armsrock work even more, if that is even possible. It was a wow day from one end to the other. This was even the day I finally got a proper shot of all the neon signs, I was on fire. But my fingers were frozen numb. :-)


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