19 December 2010

The gift shop is open

This weather... I can’t bring myself to be annoyed with it. It is temperamental, and I like that, it’s a sign of life. Besides where there is snow, there is sun, and nothing beats keeping an eye on the sky. A couple of days ago, it was thawing like it was all over, and I caught these beautiful glassy popsicles right outside my house (ain’t life a gift shop sometimes?):

And two days later is starts snowing again non-stop, the good squeaky kind, perfect for building snow people. Look what someone made in my backyard this morning, I love that they built in some back support, haha:

It is Sunday, and all the stores are open today, for people to go jule-crazy. But jul will not suck me in, I am going to the book market in the church (remember that one?), this time it is by an antiquarian going out of business, quality stuff. You can expect a book’ish report coming up, with cool covers and inspirational typography. It is okay to judge a book by it’s cover, if its really good:

Ah, a small cartoon pasted on top of the cover, crazy nice!

Life is good :-)

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