04 December 2010

He's back!

King David is back, and I bet you that me and Moses are the only ones who noticed. Just to remind you how it looked, here's a shot from a year ago, after the grand theft:

A year earlier

And today (Moses and I are deliriously happy!):

A year later

Reincarnated, just in time for Christmas.


I never really looked closely at him before...

King David detail

..but I can tell you that I am done taking him for granted.

Welcome back!


  1. Hi! That's really good news! :D
    Any info on where/how did they find him?

  2. He is only reincarnated, I fear that the original has been melted, and sold as scrap. By a sheer miracle they located a cast of the old one, shipped it to Italy, and had an expert sculpt an exact replica.

    Nobody had the money to have him made, but then a foundation spend every crown they had to have this happen (3/4 of a million DKR), and subsequently closed down. What a contribution to the city that is. I hope they are proud.


  3. Oh, I see... :-/
    It's still pretty good news, though. They should be very proud.



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