17 December 2010

A jule classic

In case you haven’t picked up on it, I am allergic to 99% of modern advertising. If it is made in Denmark (for a Danish audience) it is likely to be condescending, stupid and ugly. Like the toe curling “naked” couple in latex outfits selling telephone subscriptions, oh, give me a break (I will spare you the sight). More often than not it is designed to make you feel small or inadequate, and the over sexual language is in my humble opinion partly responsible for the youngest generation hating their body image. That’s quite a feat.

And that’s just the material. Then there are the places we are forced to deal with it. Like everywhere, loud, big, blinking, on scaffolding, buses and every surface available. We have somehow come to accept that advertising pays for our lifestyle. The bus stops are nothing but large displays for advertisers, and just around the corner from me the City just planted a large advertising column, renting out space for the highest bidder.

But I am not against advertising as such, so long as it is informative, aesthetic and perhaps entertaining. But it so rarely is. In the spirit of Jul, I will give you an example of good advertising. It is a piece made back in 1984 by the now retired grandfather of Danish advertising Peter Wibroe, who was famous for carving his very own path. Not making use of survey groups and looking at the competition, but simply going by how he felt. At his core he believes that you must earn the attention, and never disrespect a persons time.

If you are Danish you know this one: the Tuborg jule-brew commercial. Every year on J-day (the official jule brew day, I was gonna link to the time when I told you about it, but it turns out I only published it in my head, haha, you have that one coming then..) it marks the beginning of jul on your TV. Never a dry eye in the house:

Cheers to a good jul!


  1. Classic! My wife has just bought a beautiful old framed Danish beer advertisement for our living room.Carlsberg, 1950's I'm guessing.Anyways,it's a little worse for wear and tear but we love it. Alas, no bicycles are visible but I can live with that.

    Godt Jul,


  2. Hi Ian, there were some really nice posters made here in the 1950s, even beautiful advertising. Can you imagine an ad so beautiful you would want to frame it and look at it 70 years later? That's what they did. And it can still be done, I am sure of it, it is all in the thinking.

    Mikael posted some fantastic new posters over at Copenhagencyclechic, did you see that? If I was an advertising agency, I would put that guy to work right now. Yum!


    I wish you and your family a really fantastic jul too. :-)


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