20 December 2010

Nothing beats paper

The old book market in the church is madly inspiring this time. I am happy for those who are happy with the e-books, but for me nothing beats paper. Or maybe I should say old paper. Today it looks like they all print on the same bleached page, and the creativity in book design pales next to the old ones. Maybe there is someone out there with a great explanation to why all books must look, feel and smell the same today? Here is some of the stuff I find really inspiring. Details as always, where else will you find the higher meaning? I'll try to explain what it is about it that so rocks my world.

The hole:

A hole

Not on purpose, but that is not important.. how cool would it be with intentional holes in the paper, maybe a two-layer paper cover, or something to create a peep-effect? That is a whole story waiting to be told before you even start the book. If a book called out for me like that, I would pick it up and give it a chance to explain itself.

The format:

I love the odd format. This one is called Hvedekornet (The Wheat Grain), I think it is poetry. I grew up with the square little children's "Pixi books", and ever since I have dreamed of making one of my own. I will go ahead and add that to my to do list.


Vintage book paper

Spiderweb print

Before you even start the book, you are seduced with spiderweb printed paper. How can you not develop a relationship with this book, and want to keep it till you die? I think someone did.

The box set:

For leaflet material. How simple is that, to make a cool box to collect your subscriptions in? Making it more than something you throw away after reading, but inviting you to to collect it (this will only work if no corners are cut, it must be cool, ah, imagine..). Taking it to another level.


Embossed sticker vintage Magasin du Nord

Hello goosebumps! Back in the day one of our biggest department stores Magasin (still around), was called Magasin du Nord. From what I can gather, it was the height of Copenhagen shopping. I will be kind and just say that things have changed since then. But what a pity to have that history and not take advantage of it. And maybe try to bring back that loving feeling? I am halfway there with that embossed sticker.

This one just had a cool typography (reads: watch out for the police). 

Love very much how the dots are inside the i's. I should have bought it.

Colored sides:

Colored sides, where did they go?

Why is that over? One of my favorite things is colored sides. And that goes for the old paperbacks too. I want to eat them.


Sandpaper book cover (reads: about time)

This one is more recent, a Swedish publication about modern art, made of sandpaper. Oh yes. The title reads: about time, and my eye is happy with the fact that instead of a circle over the A, it's a dot. Spelled out 1980s digital clock style. Be still my heart. The surface is killing everything it comes in contact with, but it's still crazy cool. Once encountered, impossible to forget.

The room:

All these books... I need to go back one more time and make triple sure I did not miss anything. If you are in the neighbourhood, the market is on until the 27th of December in Helligaandskirken. All books sell for 5 kr on the last day.


  1. thanx for idea what to do one of these free days this week. ieva

  2. Hi Ieva, you are welcome. If you want to go, here are the remaining dates: Dec. 21st (price: 15 per book). Dec. 22 (15.-). Dec. 23 (10.-). Dec. 26 (10.-). Dec. 27 (5.-).

    The hours: weekdays 10-19, sundays 12-19 and the last day: 10-17.

    I'll race you to it. :-)


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