03 December 2010

Pedestrian pleasures

The faster you go, the more you miss. I sort of knew that already, as that is one of the main reasons I don't race from A to B on my bike, and why I refuse to let the stress brigade set the pace. The last couple of days I have been walking everywhere, and I am surprised how the same trip can be so different by foot. Yesterday I spotted a dead swan on the lake, heartbreak (this I would have preferred to miss, really) but just a minute later I was listening to a bearded guy tell me all about a strange project that was going to take place today on the micro hills behind The Nile. An event sponsored by the local council of Norrebro, as part of a master plan to get the locals more involved in the community, and get our input on how to improve things. 

Of course I had to check in today, to see what it is all about. First off, you gotta admire a bunch of guys working in subzero temperatures to make an event like that happen. Secondly I take my hat off to the local council for even caring. They really want our input, and we have until April next year to give it to them. I am going to think about it hard and get back to them on that.

It is still snowing and I am fuzzy about my camera. Even if this one is now just my back up, I still can't be too careful, after all we have gone through a lot together. So I sealed it in a cellophane bag to keep those flakes out, and that turned out to be a really bright idea... if you don't mind steamy shots. Before jumping to the input party, here's a look at what you catch when you slow down a bit. I call it pedestrian pleasures: 

Watch out for icicles

Watch out for icicles. I have a soft spot for homemade signs. 

Poor mans flyer / post it

Poor mans flyer, for an event in freetown Christiania on a friday that has probably long gone.


Sorbet (steam free so far, just wait for it..)

More cars ...out of the city

More cars ...out of the city.

The input party:


Hello steam..

Culture hat / hot soup

...nice to meet you. (Culture hat / Hot soup)

The worlds smallest sled hill

The worlds smallest sled hill, a shed for the DJ (beach music, of course) and the tiny soup hut.

Opening reception: soup, beer and bubbles

Hot cocoa, free soup, beer and bubbles. Only on Norrebro.

You see why I love my hood, don't you?


  1. I remember sidewalks in Vilnius, Lithuania being roped off in the early Spring because of the danger of falling icicles about as big as your arm.

    Also, the bike shop I usually go to in Portland, which is located on one of the busiest bicycle streets in Portland, was giving out free hot cocoa on the sidewalk in front of their shop the other day when we had -10 C weather (absolutely frigid for Portland). Martina, one of the co-owners was standing out on the sidewalk shouting "free hot cocoa for cyclists!" in her German accent :) I guess a nearby coffee shop had donated the cocoa to them.

    One thing I like about Copenhagen, at least as seen through your eyes, is that it seems a lot of people feel the freedom to make the city their own by kind of decorating it, and it seems like the city is pretty willing to just let that happen, which is nice.

    Love the beach party :)

  2. Hi Portlandize, yes the icicles are no joke.. I look up a lot these days. On my house there is a real killer right above the street door, just waiting for the right moment. I just learned that the places with icicles are the ones with poor roof isolation, if I owned a house, that's where I would look right now.

    The hot cocoa thing was really cosy, the guy yelled to lure bicyclists in as they were waiting for the light to turn green, and some of them got off their bikes and joined the event. The City is kind of cool with letting us use the streets, now that you mention it. It is a clever way of getting people involved, and interested in preserving it too.

    I bet you they are still at it with the bonfire and the beach party down there right now. :-)

  3. That is excellent! All I see here so far are the garage sales and some kids selling home made lemonade, from time to time, and they donate the money to charity. Which is nice. I think my kid would probably keep the money...

  4. Hi Carole, the childhood lemonade stand is a great place to learn how to run a business some day. And donating to charity is sweet, but only if you volunteer. There is nothing worse than when people get generous on your behalf, ick, haha.


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