27 December 2010

Re-think time

It's the oddest thing, but I feel like I have not been 100% me the last couple of days. Like things have somehow been left up to my autopilot. But this afternoon I returned, and I am back in charge. It could be the 12 hour nap, or the insanely hot little Italian chili (haha, I know what you are thinking) that got me through it, I am just grateful I did.

I made my way to the book market again, on this second last day. It turns out I did miss stuff the last time, and as I paid the guy I asked if he would be back for another go, and if it would then be with the same books. He gave me a sad look and told me that all books not sold by tomorrow, will be disposed of. It kills me, he said. But the used books business is bleeding, and at this rate it will be extinct within the next 3 years at the most. This is when my brain jumps into solution-mode: it is time to re-think. If old books are being burned by the truckloads, perhaps the time has come to find other uses for them? I remember seeing this cool desk on the internet recently:

Library information desk (photo borrowed from Recyclart).

When books are free (like after business tomorrow), why don't some furniture guy go nuts, and make some cool stuff? Or look at what this artist came up with:

There should be a serious meeting of minds to figure out how we crack this nut. Urgently, apparently. I refuse to believe that we can't come up with a better plan than to burn our books. You know that I love the internet, but not as a replacement for (all) books.

Tell me it does not break your heart that this could all be gone by this time next week:

Mr. Bad News

A kiss before dying

As I was walking home (in more snowfall, crazy romantic), I passed the Copenhagen Cathedral, a church seriously re-thinking things too at the moment, with a night church Xmass ChillOut (featuring Dreamhub). In an attempt to face my religio-fobia, I took a careful step inside. And I wish I could show you how beautiful it looked, this huge room only lit by candle lights, but it was a strict no-photography zone. But even if I had not been too starved to stay for the event (as in running on the fumes of two fried eggs and a cup of coffee), I still don't think I would have, seeing that a couple of preacher-men were also scheduled to speak. I'm just not ready for that. Not sure I'll ever be.


  1. seriously?? We could build massive fabulous and tinny pretty pieces with all those books - make a note next time and we can make super cool compressions of words!

  2. I know! There is so many uses for these books, and someone could even go through it and make a vintage library out of the best, before using the rest for building bricks, or something completely different.


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