28 December 2010

Well put

When it comes to street art, it is all about location: if a piece is placed just right it can bring out a whole new dimension. In Copenhagen few understand this better than the mysterious zoo keeper, whose work I first encountered on that happy summer day back in July. It is not mass produced, but rather meticulously hand painted work with such attention to detail that it almost makes me cry. Each piece is unique, and they are understandably hard to come by. But it still happens, and my heart skipped a beat when I spotted this woodpecker the other day. See what I mean:

No clues left behind on these unsigned pieces. These animals belong to themselves only.

Taking it one step furter from the earlier works in all color pencils, with brush work. Acrylic?

Since the first time I have spotted a few more, that I have been saving for the right moment. Like right now. Again with the perfect positioning. First I spotted the white bird...

...and moments later just down the same block, the silk monkey. The people who owns this building (I shall name no names) pride themselves of supporting culture, but this monkey was quickly coated in a layer of black paint. I almost died when I found out. The true act of vandalism in this case was not putting him there, but painting him over. But I can still feel the outline of him there, he's not gone, just hiding. And I am happy to tell you that the white bird is still around.

One more from this summer, and the color pencil days:

(you have no idea how I have longed to show you these, haha)


  1. This is just soo great :)
    Oh my that übercute woodpecker!!
    Imagine how nice it would be if you actually were to live at nr.21....
    you'd never be allowed to move anymore ;)
    And what a crime they tried to make that monkey dissapear!
    Probably the same pathetic people that are boasting about going on way ridiculous catered almost authentic jungle-trips to see.....actual monkeys.....;)
    Thank you for sharing your precious finds!!
    Just so nice to know there's still so much hidden beauty in our cities :)

  2. Hi Marleen, how cool that you like it too! The make-believe-culture-lovers are too sad when they only recognise the things that is pointed out to them. Like it is only of value if they paid a lot of money for it. Ugh. Others get the zoo though, the monkey is the only one who was ever removed, to my knowledge.. :-)

  3. :) You make me smile Sandra.

  4. You just did the same for me. How great is that? :-)

  5. Man, jeg kan slet ikke fatte hvordan man kan få sig selv til at male sådan en fin lille fyr over!?
    Jeg ville da være dybt taknemmelig hvis min hoveddør blev vandaliseret på den måde!

  6. Lige præcis! Det er en gave man ikke engang kan købe for penge. Jeg håber at de ser det her og får røde ører, ha.

  7. Det håber jeg fanme også!

  8. I saw the little silk monkey just the other day - I can't remember where - I will take at picture for you, when I see him next time - if he is still alive, that is.

  9. hi CphMuffin, I would love a picture of another monkey, but I know that since every animal is handpainted, they are all different, so unless they magically uncovered this little guy, I think you may have seen another. Maybe this one: monkey

    This safari never ends, I hope, looking for new animals is a fantastic treasure hunt.

  10. Hi Sandra.
    I found him!! He is sitting at the corner of Rosengården at Klaptræet (what an odd place to be for this beautyful animal), with two friends - one dead though, only a tail left.

    Inspired by you, I have riding my bike around town trying to spot all the things I never get to see, when getting from A to B. The slow way is so much more fun!

    I will send you a picture in your email :)

  11. Juhu! I got your mail thank you so much, I will go and look for them next time we have decent light. And I am happy to hear that you get inspired, there is so much to see, once you dig in. The slow way is the best way. :D


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