22 December 2010

Who farted?

The countdown has begun and jul is just around the corner. If I am going to show you the Copenhagen jule lights, now is the time. In a way it is touching how everybody pulls out all the stops, considering the choke hold of the financial crisis (a subject more taboo than exposed private parts, do not bring it up, people will look at you like you just farted). But somehow it is like a corner of the blanket has been lifted, and we are slowly getting back in business. It's that, or jul has finally gotten to me...

The Kings New Square department store Magasin, formerly Magasin du Nord. Unlike the competing department store Illum one block over, they do not have elaborately decorated windows. But then they have the lights and the best location in the city. 

I never noticed this before, but the decorations are different depending on the street...

It can be stars, hearts or cut outs, always with lots of lights and pine branches. 

And then something entirely different on Norrebro, with a floor show.

The advertising agency People Group. Can you make it out? The lamps form a jule-tree and on the top floor you have the star.

Jule heart decor at Le Klint, home of the creepily popular sculptural white lamps.

The Niels Bohr institute. If you look real fast it is like a movie... (no?). The lights are shifting randomly every other second, looking like giant snowflakes. This house is sitting next to a big road, not a pedestrian area, and still they make a show. I see that as a sign of defiance and strength, not giving into doom. We are going to kick this financial crisis' ass. One day at the time.

(I am contaminating myself with the jule spirit here. That's a first, haha)


  1. Cph is beautiful; more beautiful with the lights!

  2. I agree. This may be why this jule thing is creeping up on me, haha.

  3. The best part is the lights, definitely :)


    Thanks for sharing jul with us all across the world :)

  4. I like to think that these efforts are made despite any economic factors and that they are put up to really celebrate something special (OK.. maybe it is just me). I always loved the hearts/stars with the pine boughs (and, of course, the white lights) on all the main streets. Even though Montreal is pretty cool at Christmas time, I really envy you- Copenhagen during Jul was the best and one of the things that I miss the most!

  5. Hi Dave and Celena, the lights work as a compensation to those who suffer through this holiday. I am really happy that you keep up with my jule efforts in here, and appreciate them. :-)

    Hi Uden Relevans, jul is hard for me too. Very much. But I struggle to turn this sucker around. Can you tell?

    Big hugs for everybody!

  6. Hey Sandra, I was talking about my CAT, not my car. I made a typo and then I thought you'd made a typo, and then I reread my post and LOL

  7. Hahaha, oh, no. Then I am truly extra sorry for you. I should not laugh, but that mistake is kind of funny. But I stand by my love of my old car, haha.

  8. Hahaha, this made me laugh about something sad, and it was a good thing! Well your post reminds me of my only visit to Copenhagen, just before Christmas, and how cosy and comfortable (hygge?) it felt, especially compared to Paris. :)

  9. Yes, this is hygge. I am happy that I made you laugh in your sad time. Here is a big kiss for you X :-)


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