09 January 2011

250 birdhouses

All these years I have been wondering what this was about... and now I finally know. It is not exactly breaking news, as my first birdhouse spotting was back in 2008, but as is the case of all truly brilliant ideas, it is still good. One of the birdhouse shots I dug out of my archives:

There were no clues to why or what it was about, it apperared to be a mystery. And some people got really destructive, vandalising them and tearing them down. What kind of person does that I wonder. A tiny one? Anyway, my sleepless nights are paying off because I finally stumbled upon the birdhouses. It is a one man project by Thomas Winther aka. Dambo, and to my delight it is not just about fun and games (although that would have been just fine with me too), there is a deeper meaning. He even made a small video about the project:

I wonder if the birds ever moved in? Watching the video it hurts to realise how I missed this big tree with the serious cluster of houses. But in my defence it was in my Amsterdam year, and you can only cover so much ground... no, doesn't work, it still bugs me. I was never lucky enough to encounter one of the magnet wood souvenirs with the link (aaahh, how brilliant is that?), so the images below are borrowed from the 250 birdhouses' site.

3 of the 1000 magnetic birds:

Hereby rewarded with a Classic Copenhagen Award for Outstanding Effort. 

(Better late than never, I hope you agree?)

Visit the 250 birdhouses on myspace (link).


  1. weird enough i looked everywhere and no mention if the project was successful or not (i.e. bringing birds in)!! I tried the same once in my village but no birds came in seems this shape we think is appealing might be scaring the birds away :D (my nieces did the painting)

  2. Hi Nabil, what a beautiful decoration, you must tell your nieces. I remember being told by someone in the know that birds don't see in color (although how can we really ever know?), so that should not be what stands in the way.

    Maybe it smells too much like humans? The number one rule if you find a young animal is not to touch it, so your smell will get on it, and the parents won't take it back. I am hoping someone has an update on the success of the 250 birdhouses, maybe we have to wait a little longer for it. See how long I waited to get to this point even? :-)

  3. Great idea, I think they will have problems with birds returning to the birdhouses if they nest in them at all. Birdhouses will not typically be used again until they are cleaned out. The birds have standards! The bird houses also don't look think enough to keep birds from being cold. However, it's a great project to create awareness.

  4. Hi Birdhouses, it is a great awareness project, but it would have been the cherry on the pie if the birds actually used them. Somehow I doubt they did. Maybe the houses were too exposed? Birds like to hide I noticed.. and of course you are right: birds have standards, haha.

  5. In combination with the tree or the scaffolding they make wonderful pieces of art. Now the wooden birdies need to learn how to fly...

  6. This is SO cool! I love the photos showing this! I haven't seen anything like it irl before, but knowing that one person made something like that. Inspiration, big time!

  7. Hi Linn, I am hugely inspired by it too! I wonder what else this guy is up to.


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