25 January 2011

Clean-up time

It may not be spring yet, but I feel the early signs anyway. Still no sun to speak of, but the days are getting just a little bit longer, the tulips have arrived and I have begun the spring cleaning. This exercise is not just about mopping the floors, but also about taking stock of life and getting rid of what does not work. Last night I had the first tasty meal in ages, and a good night's sleep. That is something I will never take for granted again, let me tell you.

On my safari the other day I realised that Copenhagen street art seems to be taking a rest, and I find it very symptomatic of the state of things here that creativity is halted like that. We do, however, have random shootings in the streets and turf wars blossoming again. The politicians want this nonsense to stop, we all do, so they dispatch more police. But I think we have a bigger problem at hand here.

Lost soul, the classic decapitated bottomless chicken-man by Basco5

There are large groups of people being squeezed by the unsolidaric political system in Denmark. It is cut out in a way so that if you are invited to the party/have a decent income and own your own home (only about 51% of the Danes are home owners), you have the rare luxury of a nice and affordable place to live, and you can pay for things like better alternatives in education and health care. But so many are not, and their needs are being ignored. If you rob people of a chance to be a part of community, it is no big mystery that we see a spike in crime and vandalism. The frustration is understandable, and I feel it too. 

F*ck your $ by Spyo

The financial crisis was caused by greed and those living in the fast lane,  but we are all left with the bill. And just today our Prime minister announced another cut that affects those who are weakest once again. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I think it is time we take it to the Parliament. My fingers are crossed that after the upcoming election things will turn around again.

  To the politicians of Copenhagen
when I go out in the city
I often see homeless people
I think it is terrible to see
people lying on the street
can you give them a home 
and a little money?

This piece have been around for what seems like forever. I really like that when you look close you can tell that the owners of this fence paint over all the tags, but allow this one to live. The hype notwithstanding, Nansensgade is still a good street at heart.

Spring... is that you?


  1. Hi Sandra!
    We have a cold snap where the temperature, when it actually reaches -18 C, seems balmy ;)

    I always wonder why taking care of others in your community is always labeled socialist and the word is almost spat out and said with disdain. The lowest on the totem pole were not those that got us into trouble in the first place.

    Happy cleaning :)

  2. It's nice to see that Europe still cares. Here people take for granted that you have to pay big money to see a doctor, and that in most of the country public schools are just as dangerous as a bad neighborhood at night (as far as education is concerned, well...). I hope the election goes to the light side of the force (I know, my son talks about star wars every single day, it's like publicity, it's getting in my brain....ahhhhhhhhh)

  3. Hi Celena, my point exactly, what broke the economy in Denmark was the unrealistic budgets made by the present government, and they only ever sucked up to the wealthy. But now that the house of cards has collapsed, they try to patch things up with the money earmarked for the sick, the old, the students and the children. I am not afraid to say I oppose.

    I hope you stay warm :-)

    Hi Carole, I hope we care enough to change it now that we are given the opportunity. And that those who voted for the present government have seen the light. Otherwise you will hear me sing this song more often, and I realise it does get old eventually, haha. :D (may the force be with you)


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