07 January 2011

In memoriam

One thing that has the sure potential to make me cry is the kindness of strangers. How weird is that? It does not even have to be an act toward me, I can witness something and still get mushy. Like yesterday. The City of Copenhagen have not been keeping up with the snow clearing lately, especially not so in my neighbourhood (the lowest of priorities when it comes to everything, really), and I have deemed it not worth the risk making it to the bigger roads by bike. So I walk, making small detours in my own neighbourhood, and yesterday I passed this. I instantly recognised it as a shrine, and once I read the note I was a pile on the ground. Imagine making such an impression on your surroundings. I hope he somehow knows.


Dear Kalle

Our old sailor Kalle
The early riser and angel of us all
friend of the children and the dogs
passed away quietly this morning
on December 20th after a brief illness

We miss you our dearest Kalle!

Mourning wreath


  1. I love that they put living things there, it's a beautiful symbol.

  2. Yes, this guy was really appreciated. I wonder if he knew when he was around, just how much he meant to people? Do we say that enough I wonder...

  3. Åhh Sandra... Der fik jeg da lige en ordenlig klump i halsen.

  4. Jaa, osse mig. Selv da jeg skulle oversætte den fine seddel. Åh.

  5. Er du gal hvor er jeg glad for at jeg ikke er alene om dem.

  6. How simply lovely! I also get mushy- not enough exists and it is so nice to realize that there is kindness still around...
    Thanks for posting this.

  7. You are so welcome Celena. It is hard but good at the same time (I hope I don't bring everybody down with this).

  8. So beautiful post!


  9. You have a wonderful gift of being able to go out into your city and find that one little thing, focus on it, and make it matter to people thousands of miles away. Remember that one morning when you wake up with what Holly Golightly called "the mean reds."

  10. Thank you Stella.

    Kdt, I have been trying to think what morning that would be, there were quite a few of "the mean reds" last year, hahaha, possibly the time when my camera was at the repair shop? That was bad. You just left me the sweetest words, and they are making me really happy, thank you.


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