16 January 2011

Made in Denmark

The next Copenhagen fashion week is in early February, and I am hearing rumors that some of the usual visitors are considering not going. There could be so many reasons for that, like economy or how there are nearly identical fashion fairs in pretty much every capital in Europe, with many repeat exhibitors. If you want the customers you need to stand out and offer something they cannot find anywhere else. It doesn't have to be flashy so long as it is inspiring, original and maybe comes with a story. 

I passed this window the other day, it is located in a side street to the pedestrian area next to a bar, and there is no shop behind it, it is just a display. Over time I have seen quite a few window displays there, but this one was different. I recognised the little guy from a flea market last year, where I fell in love with him (here he is, vintage mannequins are a not so secret love of mine, always crazy cool and individual). As I approached I read the sign and that was it: I was sold. Andersen & Andersen is a small company making and selling only this one sailors sweater, it is unisex, comes in four colors and ...it is made in Denmark. How cool is that? The window is a "link" to the web page, with an option to buy the sweater online and have it shipped worldwide.

This window also proves my point that advertising don't have to be loud, ugly and condescending to work. If we started to produce more locally, I bet we would have the numbers in fashion fair visitors climbing in no time. 

(sign reads:) The worlds best sailors sweater is knitted in Denmark. 100% pure new wool. Unisex. Can be worn both backwards and forwards. Pearl stitched. Strong and durable texture. Navy Blue, Hunting Green, Off White and Black. Online. Selected stores. Suggested retail 1200 crowns. www.andersen-andersen.com (+list of sales points, nicely picked).

I am on a permanent lookout for quality items made in Denmark, but they are getting increasingly harder to come by. In the "Cph links" section there is a small list that I am hoping to expand over time. The way I see it there is nothing sexier or more sustainable than in-sourcing. Go Andersen & Andersen!


  1. Ah this is lovely, but they have competition with the French brand Saint James. I think they kinda of diversified now, but their sweaters are so famous, and I hope they are still made in France. I would hate that they were made elsewhere.
    Anyway this window is very cute.

  2. I just checked the Saint James, and I see what you mean. But for as long at this company only makes this one style, the concept and feeling is unbeatable, I think. Anyway I am not the target customer, but I still appreciate the effort, and I hope they sell like crazy.

  3. Being a sailor,I could imagine wearing this beautiful sweater on the long chilly run across Osaka Bay to Kobe. (and in a perfect world, I'd be sailing on an elegant old Eastern Asiatic Company freighter, of course!)

  4. Indeed whatever happened to individual style and eye for detail & quality..... sometimes it is a sad sad world we live in....

    "or how there are nearly identical fashion fairs in pretty much every capital in Europe, with many repeat exhibitors" and visitors....

    oh my they've turned into such bogus events ....
    especially since the outcome has been that after liberating ourselves of -school- or work- uniforms we now get to have several European or even unversal (girls) uniforms......
    And not only on the so-called high-fashion end of the spectre.....

    Cause boy you need some personality to pull off for example:
    furry hooded (patent) down jackets , skinny jeans and Ugg(ly) boots.....
    sometimes I think these girls are ready-made somewhere in China and get shipped into Europe by the thousand....

    Glad you're still there btw relentless of that digital armageddon you went thru lately.....
    Soldier on girl!

  5. This is such a good idea - marketing and product wise. I do not understand why companies always have to expand, expand and expand their product ranges... & ever higher energy costs might well lead to more 'home-made' prducts.

  6. Hi Ian, you are allowed to dream, the concept even invites you to do so. Even if they call it unisex, it works best on a man I think. Good to hear from you sailor :-)

  7. Hi Marleen, what a great expression "digital armageddon", haha, very fitting. I have been out of the Copenhagen fashion week loop for a couple of seasons now, but this time I am going to check it out. Maybe even throw in a little update? For me the interesting part starts a lot earlier, in the creative process. But maybe it will be fun to bring the camera and see it from a blogging-perspective.

    Hi Sabine, I agree! More often than not less really is more, and these guys really hit the spot. It is going to be interesting to see how it develops, I hope they keep the production in Denmark. And that more countries kept their production at home, as you say, this way you would get more authentic "flavors" in your life. Ah, I am such a romantic at heart.


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