28 January 2011

A stroke of genius

If the Copenhageners look grumpy these days, here is a fair explanation why: imagine spending all day, for weeks in a row wearing sandblasted goggles in a refrigerated basement. This typical Danish weather may be why we are so determined to seek out the sun wherever and whenever we can. At sunset there are a few popular spots that are always crowded. Like the corner of the lake by Queen Louises Bridge, right behind The Nile. On sunny days, even in the winter time, people will gather here and suck up the last rays, sitting side by side next to complete strangers on the rounding bench. 

In the summertime the last couple of years the sunset side of the bridge itself have also been a magnet, with people bringing music and drinks, sitting on the edge of the bridge or on the ground. When they began widening the bicycle lanes on the bridge, I noticed something fantastic: the sidewalks were widened too, and by some city planning stroke of genius they have placed three benches in the middle, right where the sun hits. I can tell you right now these benches are going to be popular. I got you these pictures on a particularly breathtaking day a while back, before the snow hit and this side of the bridge was about ready:

It was the strangest thing, as I sat down to take in the new spot, it was like seeing the beautiful lamps for the first time.

This city makes my heart swell at the most unexpected times, I tell you.


  1. Similarly in Portland, if the sun breaks through the clouds and the temperature hits above 55F (12 C), you'll see people with sunglasses and shorts out walking by the waterfront or just sitting. The first day of Spring when it's actually warm out, the waterfront park is just swarming with people, enough you almost can't ride your bike through, it's easier to get off and walk. It's one of the best public spaces in Portland, and it is re-claimed freeway (from the 1970's). They could use a few more benches, though (for the days when it's sunny, but all the grass is still soaking wet) :)

    It must be comforting to see something like that happen on the bridge, and realize your city government is paying attention.

  2. Hi Dave, comforting is the word, good thinking always makes me happy and so does the sun. It is funny the more I hear about Portland, the more it sounds like Copenhagen. Getting to know these little things about places around the world that I may not get to visit, is really one of my favorite things about the internet. Keep it coming :-)

  3. Will do - and if you ever do have a chance to visit, by all means, let us know. We'll give you the royal tour :)

  4. Oh I love lampposts. Luckily right now we have a lot of sun, which helps me a lot to go through this agitated winter. It's surreal as it's the fist time I live in a place where I wear tank tops in January, outside. So maybe it's hard to figure out the harshness of reality, but I'm certainly not complaining. I'm not even miserable (as I imagine I would be in gray Paris - and not gay Paris...)
    Almost every day I go see the ocean and take as much light as I can. It feels so good, the beautiful colors, the warmth... I might have to move back to Paris soon, and I will certainly miss that a lot.

  5. Det er nemlig feddt at KK gør sårn at lamperne passer, tjek for eks Skt Pederstræde. Det er gamle modificerede gaslamper nu med strøm i.

  6. Hi Carole, it sounds like you really get to tour the world? It is hard to imagine tank tops in January.. but then the sun has to be somewhere (actually we have it here today, thank you for sharing).

    I can understand how going back to Paris can be hard, but on the bright side there is so much to photograph. And you are never far away from another country, and one of the worlds most beautiful cities. :-)

    Hej Mofling,
    KK træffer altså nogle brilliante beslutninger indimellem, det må man lade dem. Jeg gyser lidt ved tanken om at der skal energisparepærer og narkoman lys i de smukke gamle lamper når tiden kommer til at skifte.

    Jeg går straks på opdagelse i Skt Pedersstræde!

    Hi Dave,
    I will do too! :D

  7. Magical! I'm not surprised that these are favourite spots. The stones next to bench in photo 1 are a nice quirk.
    I haven't seen the sun for aaaages. Went out to take some pictures yesterday, but it was SO COLD!

  8. Hi Sabine, cobblestones are classic Copenhagen, and it just dawned on me I have not included them in any posts so far. I think you and I share the same weather conditions, and I can tell from your posts that it bugs you the same way. These days I am wearing fingerless gloves so I can shoot without too much fuss, but at the end of the day I always ride home with my fingers in my mouth, begging for mercy. SO cold, haha.

  9. These are pre-snow shots. The benches have been mounted now, and the bicycle lane is nice and wiiide.

  10. fantastisk smukke billeder!! tak :)

  11. Tusinde tak for det muffin :-)

  12. Genlæste lige denne post...jeg er ikke vild med broer sådan generelt, men lige Dronning Louise's Bro er jeg vild med. For mig er den 'centrum i byen', og det mener jeg også du var inde på, på et tidspunkt :) Ikke kun pga dens arkitektoniske storladenhed, men også det sociale liv omkring broen som leder ind til vidunderlige Nørrebro gør den til et lyspunkt i byen -også om vinteren...!

  13. Hej Drumstick,
    Ja, jeg har på et tidspunkt udråbt Dronning Louise's Bro til at være det gyldne centrum. Det er så hyggeligt at den på en måde altid har været det, at dømme ud fra de gamle fotografier fra 1890erne. Elsker den bare. Og det gør mig fysisk ondt når de tagger på selve broen og de smukke lamper. Det MÅ være helle.


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