02 January 2011

A warm welcome

We are only two days in, and I am already really excited about 2011. It has been nothing but blue skies and thaw, like things magically turned around at midnight two days ago. If it's just a bubble it will burst eventually, but for now I just enjoy floating in it. I lost my appetite sometime last year (along with the ability to sleep at night, wtf?), and it has not returned, it's the strangest thing for a food lover to lose, let me tell you. But my eyes are still hungry, and I had one of my favorite Sundays today, letting my bike and camera take me where they wanted.

There were a lot of things that spoke to me today, and surprisingly not just well executed stuff, but messages: a vibe from the belly of society that politics are in for a change. From what I can understand from the Danish press more young people than ever are having an opinion on politics and the way things are run, and I feel it too. Not that I would ever want to run for anything (diplomacy is not my strongest suit, in case you haven't noticed, haha), but I really can't wait for that smelly mess to be cleaned up. These people have completely lost sight of who is the master and who are the servants. They could all use a good Sunday ride on my bike for a little perspective. 

Still a kid

This one should be tattooed on my forehead.

Say no to the new world order

I am happy to see that someone finally found a good use for the black markers. Tags are getting real old.

Protect your money

Right next to these two I spotted this one protect your money. And I was pretty frustrated with how impossible it was to get a clean shot through no less than two fences. But then I realised that it sort of supports the message. I love it when an obstacle turns around like that and becomes a force.

And a little construction site paraphernalia. Crazy yummy. I named them too:

The boys

The girls


F*ck politics, Copenhagen pre election

I'm telling you.. a change is gonna come.

These suckers have been falling from roofs all over town the last couple of days. Exiting my house meant crossing police tape because right above five floors up were a cluster of killer icicles, up to one metre long. Once they drop they hit a speed up to 50 kilometres an hour, and one like it nearly killed a poor old man the other day. Yesterday it had the power to destroy you..

...and today it's just a glass of water.

How is that for perspective?


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR, SANDRA! May your sleep and appetite come back (personally, I rely on melatonin, you might want to give it a try? It's quite wonderful and supposed to have immune-enhancing and anti-aging properties, too.) I haven't managed to come and visit as regularly as I used to - it's the damn busy-ness. But Congratulations to your 1 year ('we' are pretty much the same age :) - and watch the killer icycles! xoxo

  2. Hi Sabine, happy new year to you too! I feel quilty now because I have not been stopping by you as much as I would like, there is just so much to keep up with once your internet house has more rooms (twitter, flickr and on). I will look into the melatonin thing, thanks for the tip. A hug for you!

  3. Happy New Year! Gode billeder!

    What is the picture of the mermaid coin by the way? Is that a coin in circulation in Denmark at the moment or an old one?

  4. Hi Matthew, tak and happy new year to you too! The coin is the old token used for the long time retired yellow trams in Copenhagen. You can still see the rails peeping out in some of the streets, when the asphalt wears down.. I got nostalgic about the mermaid when they shipped her off to Shanghai last year, so I wanted a reminder of her here.

    It is a cool little coin, I found it on ebay, and had it shipped all the way from the US so it is fair to say it is not exactly circulating here anymore.

  5. Wonderful Sandra, thanks...so the mermaid isn't in Kobnhaven anymore? Was it a contentious issue that it was shipped to Shanghai?

  6. She was gone for the better part of the year, for the first shameful time ever (grrr), but she is back again. I made a post about it before they abducted her: Pimping Copenhagen It is good to have her back.

  7. Glad to hear she is back. Strong and passionate blog entry!

  8. Thank you so much Matthew.

  9. Love the pictures and thoughts on the ice/water contrast. It's funny cause it's true!


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