29 January 2011

Words vs. action

As much as I love words, they are no substitute for action. Maybe this is why I am not especially moved by poetry in the printed form, in most cases I even find it annoying. Words are cheap, and I learned early on that the people who would throw the word love around, were not the ones who showed you what it meant. My grandparents on both sides belonged to a generation that almost never used that word "love", I am not even sure they ever told me how much they loved me in those words, but I never doubted for a second that it was so.

For many years I feared that something was wrong with me for not getting mushy from reading poetry, and for not crying at weddings. Now I know better of course, and I see poetry everywhere, it just speaks to me in a different language that's all.

The hangover (today's was a small price I was happy to pay for yesterday's record breaking fun night out).

And the old ambulance from the other day, with a whole story to tell:

Look at that perfect clay like grey, all alone in the back alley kissing the wall.

Inviting you closer.

Mmm, the colors and the textures, dirty but at the same time creamy. 

...and the all important but so underrated second look.

Beautiful imperfections.

This weekend the Experimentarium is hosting a big soap bubble festival with bubble experts from all over the world. By sheer chance I came by a couple of them yesterday, as they were giving a free show in the streets of Copenhagen. Is there anything more poetic than fragile glassy bubbles the size of baby elephants floating into the sunset, bursting into fountains of soap mid air? I think not.

Sterling Johnson, The Bubblesmith from San Francisco working his magic.

Heart of soap, beautiful but short lived. To be enjoyed while it lasts.


  1. Oh, you sweet, loving girl! =)

  2. Ahh, you are making me blush, haha. :D

  3. Hi!
    I Just discovered your blog which is very pleasant to read. So thank you.
    Through your writings I can maybe already tell the same as the previous commenter.
    But I agree about words of love, poetry, etc... They sometimes are a way to make the heart and the loved person wait, when it's not ready yet.
    You seem to be sad about your man...
    If it's that one deeply chosen by your sensitivity, maybe you should hang on to him keep true communication, and be patient?

    Oh, i didn't know with sort of competition for bubble was existing. Very funny.

    Have a nice Sunday!


  4. Hello Anonymous welcome to the blog, I am glad you like it. And I appreciate your concern, but I can assure you that you are reading too much into things. No need to worry about me. A very nice sunday to you too.

  5. You're just Danish... ;)

  6. P.S. Glad you had a good time out...

  7. Hi Sandra, ha! Poetry, I disagree. I don't read it often because I lack time, but I often prefer to let myself go with the flow of the written word, than being imposed another one's flow and interpretation. It's very rare to find someone reading poetry the way I want it! I usually find it boring. Hahaha. BUT, BUT, BUT, I totally agree on the word Love. The americans use it every other sentence "I love you darling"! At first I was shocked. i don't think my parents said once I love you to me but I don't doubt their love one second...

  8. I think a large part of the reason why things are beautiful, is that they are ephemeral - they could go away at any moment. Some things, like a bubble, or a flower, are more ephemeral than others - but even the life of the person you love most dearly could be gone at any second. It helps you to realize that every single thing is precious in its own way.

    It's funny - though I write poetry sometimes, I haven't read much that I'm really excited about. I'd have to say my favorite is Sylvia Plath - because I always somehow felt she was honest - sometimes to the point it gives you shivers. And I'm kind of a language nerd, and the way she uses language sometimes just makes me tingly.

    But I agree with you, that there is just as much importance and meaning in every detail of life as there is in every word of a poem.

    Hope you get over the hangover quickly :)

  9. Hi Carole, it is a good thing we all experience poetry different, I think. That is in a way what makes it poetic, the fact that it is about something in you that responds to it. If that makes sense?

    I think what I just can't stand is if it's overdone, but then that may be just the recipe for someone else.. Like Dave says it is the honesty that gets me. I also don't mind the word "love" if only people mean it. Just yesterday I overheard a young father as he spontaneously told his small child that he loved her. She was too young to get the word, but it was clear she got his message. My heart almost exploded.

  10. Hi Dave, it is funny, I am a language nerd too. And when you brought that up, I came to think of one of my favorite Danish writers Dan Turell, he passed away at a way too early age, but his legacy lives on. I guess you could call him a modern poet, and his work speaks to me, but it comes without daisies and sugar, if you know what I mean? Above all it is honest, and it does not make a big fuss about itself, he just had this ability to elevate little everyday things, like shopping for groceries or listening to people on the street.

    I am not against words, quite the opposite, but when people use them as a replacement for action, it's counterproductive. I see it every day in both relationships and in politics, and I want to shake them: don't tell me, show me! :D

  11. With you all the way, Sandra. I often feel bad for not appreciating most poetry, but finding it mainly pretentious. BUT I can see the poetry in all these pictures...
    We all have different channels, it seems.

  12. Yeah, I totally agree with that. Words are often used as an excuse not to act, and that's terrible. But when used in combination, it's perfect :)

  13. Hi Sabine, I agree with the channels, it sounds like you and I are on the same one here, haha.

    Hi Dave, oh there is nothing better than loving words combined with corresponding action. That is the ultimate high :-)

    Nova, yup! One of the bubblers found this post, and asked for more shots of him and his bubbler-friends. I love the Internet! :D

  14. And that bubbler was me :-)
    I am glad I found your blog and I love what you wrote about the bubbles.
    Thanks for the very nice email contact.

  15. Hello Frans, I am happy that you like it! :-)


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