27 February 2011

Alive and kicking

For some reason the highest concentration of original and cool street signs in Copenhagen are found in Pisserenden (the pissing gutter). The district that in a fancy touristy term is also named "the latin quarter" is located in the centre of the city, but it has its very own down to earth flavor with lots of small bars and secondhand stores. Unlike the rest of central Copenhagen, there is a lot of people living here, including small families with children, and it keeps the area alive when the rest of the "inner city" closes down at 17.30 (sharp). Sometimes I will make a detour on my way through town just to keep an eye on the latest development. It's the signs that keeps me coming back:

A mix of two classics: the barber shop candy stripes on the cobblers boot. How crazy cool is this!?

The optician (well duh, the trademark of a good sign is that it needs no translation, haha).

Nostalgic overload: the vintage dairy cow Mathilde still hanging in. Last one standing?

My new home / mit nye hjem
Recent addition Mit Nye Hjem (my new home) the headquarters of Hvass & Hannibal and friends.

L'education Nationale
L'education Nationale, the classic French kitchen.

See what I mean about the signs? 

Floss girl
Floss, the bar staying true to its roots since the beginning. 

Nothing but respect!

Pisserenden is also the place of the real deal (sigh, the colors on that day..) and where they offer to pierce your tires for free (or ship them off to Poland) if you park your ride in the wrong place. Pisserenden is  your proof that a city is only alive when people live there. Otherwise it's just a theme park.


  1. Did you see the lamps at Studiestræde?

  2. Yup! You made me look, thank you: The lamp

  3. I especially like the handicapped mannequin with makeup on the skateboard! Unique.

  4. Fantastisk as ever.

    Sorry if I keep asking you really obvious questions that I could find the answers to by looking more carefully and in depth at your site (which I intend to do over time, it's first class), but have you got a book published of your photos and writing yet?

  5. Hi Matthew, thank you very much. I like how you end your question with "yet". The answer to your question is no. Not yet. :D

  6. I can't wait till it's published. I shall invest and shall be proud for your writing and photographs to adorn my bookshelves.

  7. floss was my favorite when i studied there


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