15 February 2011

Apologies to Prince Knud

On top of swan-gate, support demo's and toxic household items I don't have the heart to nag about the issue of public space, although I am all fired up. It really is time I treat you to something nice and easy. This weekend we had another big indoor flea market in Forum, and for some reason it was slightly better this time around, at least as far as the prices go. Anyway, I don't really go to buy stuff as much as to take pictures and daydream, let myself get seduced and sometimes not even understand the attraction myself. That's the fun part. 

Did I say the flea market was big? It's huge. I still remember the pre-ban smoking days, when you returned from this market feeling like you licked an ashtray.

Here's a good example of an attraction I can't explain...

..leaving this pileup behind was not easy.

A suitcase of 1950s prints of movie stars. Sophia Loren is still the most beautiful woman who ever walked the earth.

Prince Knud with the bike. The only thing I ever heard about this guy is the old saying "we will run it one more time for Prince Knud", and because of that I always assumed he was... eh, slow. But as it turns out, it was not so. Back in 1958 the Prince and Princess was watching a ballet from the Royal balcony, and when asked how they liked a certain part of the play, the couple responded that this had not been visible from the Royal vantage point. This caused the ensemble to play the scene all over again just for the two and a single newspaper reporter. The incident made the papers of course, and the annual cabaret picked up on it, and made it sound like the Prince was not the sharpest tool in the shed. (End of history lesson, are you still awake?) I feel a little embarrassed that I have been subscribing to this tale without even looking into the background... 

And then there was vinyl.. I miss everything about vinyl, and have decided to rekindle our relationship. Leaving these small pieces of art for the sake of CD's was plain wrong, how could I have been so mislead? But vinyl was having the last laugh this weekend, because while it is slowly making its way back, everybody was practically giving away their CD's for free. And suddenly the world makes just a little more sense again.

 This one I spotted in Lille at the monster fleas, dirty in every way, haha.


  1. I know what you mean about vinyl. I remember the thrill of rushing home with a new LP,puting it on the turntable , sitting back and reading the cover,start to finish.I always thought CDs were pretty poxy,to tell you the truth.Now,it's a secret thrill,when I have the house to myself , spinning some vinyl and dreaming!



  2. Thanks for explaining "Én gang til for Prins Knud" I always liked that expression, but never knew how it had originated.
    I agree about vinyl, I think it is on its way back.
    So cool that newer rock bands such as The Blue Van, Floor Is Made Of Lava, Kashmir and Baby Woodrose also offer their music on vinyl records. It's a quality statement!

    I also remember the cassette tapes, however I doubt they will have a renaissance.

  3. hi Ian, I can't wait to put on an LP for the first time in decades. First I have to find a turntable and start all over with a new collection of music, but just hearing you describe the ritual gives me goosebumps. Oh, the static noise and the little scratches on the passages that you heard the most, and the cover art. It's heaven.

    Had to look up the word poxy, haha, that's a first.

    hi Drumstick, I like the expression too, but I also feel guilty for assuming the poor man was an idiot...

    I remember reading somewhere recently that there is a way you can hook up an old cassette player to your computer and digitize the tapes. It is not about quality, but maybe content, with live performances and voices of people who may not be around anymore.

    But the LP is king, and I agree that it is a quality statement, and also a way to sell you music that can't be replicated by digital media. You can't fake a feeling.

  4. Prince Knud may not have been an idiot, but he was certainly 'spoiled' , by getting special treatment because he was royal. Had he not been a prince, would they have performed the scene again? I doubt it very much.
    As you can hear, I am not into royalty or special treatment in that respect ;-)

  5. I still think that if he had the choice between seeing that scene again, or go into history being remembered as the retard of all times, he would have chosen differently.

    This discussion of the monarchy is sensitive to a lot of people, but I don't really have a lot invested there, for or against. However I am one of those who think that charging the people an entrance fee for seeing the full restoration of the Royal residence, a gift they themselves have paid for, was extremely rude. And I also think that a little gesture of appreciation would have been in order, like a "thank you".

    Okay.. that makes me a non-Royalist, I guess.

  6. Ah, vinyl records, one of my favorite things :) Don't forget the smell! It's like cracking an old book, and those fragrant pages waft their scent at you... I was fortunate enough to inherit my dad's (very nice) turntable, and his sizable collection of classical music records, which I've since built upon, and also added new music to (whenever we buy new music now, we try to buy the record if it's available, and then either record the record digitally, or sometimes they come with a free download).

    I'm just a sucker for sensual experience, I think (not necessarily in the sexual way usually associated with the word "sensual" here, but just in the strict sense of experiencing things with your senses).

    Reading a book or listening to a vinyl record is so much more of an immersive sensual experience than a Kindle or an iPad or an iPod. I want my life to be filled with texture.

  7. Oh, I completely agree with you that it is a sensual experience. It activates so many senses, and all the rituals involved really appeals to me. Right now I even look forward to the little things like flipping the record halfway, and the removal of the dust. Stuff that used to drive me crazy, haha.

    "A life filled with texture", that is exactly what I want too. Very well put. :D

  8. What's a CD?

    Seriously, I never stopped buying vinyl records and the last 20 years were like heaven because you could buy just about any record for penny's on eBay or flea markets.

    However.... to be honest, a lot of it is just nostalgia. I hated the static tics, scratches and all the cleaning involved so I have since than joined a friend of mine in a quest to find our favorite, obscure and hard to find disco classics in the best possible master quality on CD as well and if the original master tapes could not be found anymore, we remastered them.

    The result is a nice series of seven 4CD boxes on the Sony label and the 8th one is to be released soon:


    BTW... if you really want to take carew of your records and give them a good cleaning job, buy one of these:


  9. Hi Frans,

    Now that I have decided to go back to vinyl, it seems to be everywhere. I start seeing record stores around Copenhagen, and I realize that a lot of artists also offer a vinyl version. How cool is that? And soon the vinyl prices will rise again on the flea markets, I am sure.

    That disco project of yours sounds fun! I will have to give it a listen. And when the time comes maybe invest in the Rolls Royce of vinyl cleaning. Thank you for the links :-)


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