10 February 2011

Clingy little monsters

Here is a small update from the basement, grey and rainy as ever. Never have I longed more for color, light and a reason to get out of bed. For a feeling that it even makes a difference if I do. I long for life in a city where the stores are open after 5:30 pm, where spontaneous plans occur and where the pink leather coat is not condemned to the back of my closet. What happened to the coat queen (that would be me)? I want her back! Along with a little drama, please, and perhaps some giant street art installations? 

Were it not for the fact that I see everything through a magnifying glass (something that may apply to my misery as well?), I would have gone nuts long time ago. My city is doing its best to cheer me up with little pieces of driftwood in the big, grey ocean:

Copenhagen school mural

Pollution themed school mural

Pollution school mural with three eyed smoking polar bear, caught on a sunny day, ah.

By the way, did you notice how I have gone XL on the pictures? If you get this by feed, I hope I am not crapping up your mailbox with all the corrections I had to go back and make (apologies if you are and I did, truly). I just need the extravagance. Don't you?


Knit bombing

Blød Lykke (soft happiness) is back! Right next to what we call a "brown bar". Possibly named so after the nicotine stained interior, it is the opposite of a designer/lifestyle/hip-spot, complete with the original clientele and affordable beers, and as such by definition hip again. Hip will always find a way, such is the nature of the clingy little monster.


Okay, actually Copenhagen, when you put it like that you make me look downright ungrateful. Trying to look pretty for the house guests, are we?


  1. Det Rene Glas hvor stamgæsternes navne sidder på plader skruet ned i bordet.

  2. HA, the gray doesn't look appealing to me... But the anti-hip brown bar, yes! I've always liked this kind of bar, and sometimes you have very good surprises (especially in Ireland).

  3. There is lots of fun to be had at the small brown bars, but the downside is that when the bar is small enough they are still allowed to burn the cigarettes, and it gets really smelly and even painful. But it is still mostly worth it. Wow, I have already forgotten what it was like when everybody smoked everywhere. I am such a non/never/ever smoker.

  4. Our local "brown bar" on Aarhusgade was renamed "the living room"... we LOVED it- smoke and all...

  5. Oh, yes, these places are the places where the real parties are.

  6. Ah, interesting, they allow smoke? Must be the only place in the western world! I stopped smoking in 2003 (oh yes it was the 19th of January, I remember everything), and it was the perfect timing.

  7. Yes they made a loophole for the smaller pubs, if they are under a certain size they are exempt from the rule. There have been talks about including them in the prohibition, but it is raising quite a storm.

    Not surprisingly I love the new smoke free parties. And the hangover is much lighter when you have not been inhaling other peoples smoke all night. But at the same time smokers know how to party, so it is a mixed bag.

  8. Hi Sandra,

    Reading your latest blog entry, I wonder what would be a good reason for you to get out of bed or perhaps more important... what makes you feel this way?

    Today is a grey, cold and rainy day over here but If it makes any difference.... sitting here behind my computer screen, a nice cup of coffee in my hand, seeing your wonderful pictures and thinking about the good time I had in Copenhagen, makes me happy.
    I don't know if that is a good enough reason for you but if there is anything that I can do or say to cheer you up, than please let me know.

    BTW.. if would love to see a picture of you wearing that pink leather coat :-)

  9. I'm a smoker and as such I think I should give me opinion on the issue at hand. Even though a third of the adult Danish population smokes, we are hunted like wild geese. It's not allowed at work, at bars bigger than 40 m2, at restaurants and many other places. Some have proposed that it's not allowed to smoke at home, either. I mean come on: we all have a right to do what we want, and to use a Danish expression "If you don't like the smell in the bakery, find another place". There are plenty of bars where smoking is prohibited, but to be honest there aren't much fun because of this. And Sandra I agree: Smokers are social individuals who know how to party. Good thing we still have Christiania.

  10. Hi Frans, it has been a very long time since I wore the pink leather coat (with a big lamb collar, I love it), but it is still alive because I am not ready to give up on the life it demands.

    Life in Copenhagen can be very "meh" at times, and I need to get exited about something. This blog is a big step in the right direction, and it makes me very happy every day. But still, I need more. Action! I can''t just blame it on the weather, even though it doesn't help.

    Thanks for the cheering up. :-)

  11. Hi Drumstick, it is interesting to hear your side of things. I hear from many smokers that they actually prefer things the way they are now, and that they don't mind taking the party outside when they need a cigarette. They also feel less hungover when they only go home with the smoke they choose for themselves.

    The "if you don't like the smell in the bakery" is a bus that goes both ways, you could equally argue that if smokers don't agree with the non-smoking policy, they are free to go where it does not apply. There absolutely should be places for both, and especially so in your own home. I am as you can tell a non smoker, but I find the idea harsh that you can not smoke in your own home.

    But if non smokers like to live together in nonsmoking buildings, I see nothing wrong with that either. Can't we just get along?


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