17 February 2011

For better or for worse

Without a doubt this is the "for worse" part of the relationship with Copenhagen. But you can't have the "for better" if you are not around full time. Not really. We must endure it together, and my need for something larger than life, pink coats and what not.. that's just not a Copenhagen thing. And it is unfair to expect it too. We have different qualities here, like bicycling everywhere, and the art of not going nuts (especially these days) is understanding what they are and focusing on them. Or just get out of town, anywhere, for even the shortest period of time just to regain your perspective. Or get drunk on a weeknight and let your mind escape. Or do as my downstairs neighbor and invest in a sound system that must surely be the size of a car, and have the boys over for a shouting match. Every night of the week, yay!

After having this talk with myself about unrealistic expectations (and a nice drunken weeknight), I adjusted my outlook, and it was like the reward was instantaneous:

Someone's supermarket

Someones supermarket 

Someones supermarket

Today's special: food for thought.

The Copenhagen bench

A hijacked classic Copenhagen bench. I wonder if The Liberators are making a comeback?

Classic Copenhagen w. a twist

Now all I need to do is get out of town, just for a couple of days. Berlin?

Once the search is in progress


  1. Portland! We're supposed to have nice weather this weekend :D

    As you know by now, I'm sure, I have my issues with Portland and with the U.S. in general, and I find the same, that sometimes I just have to forget about politics and religion and all the incredible stupidity that goes on, and just simply get on my bike and ride around and remember why the hell I like it here.

    Unfortunately, here it's a bit harder to get out of town and go somewhere that doesn't have all the same problems, or even worse ones :) Yet another reason we're seriously considering a continental move :)

  2. Maybe this is just a hard time of the year in general? I just know that getting on a plane and physically removing myself from the "soup" works miracles. All I need is the finances, haha, small things like that tends to get in the way.

  3. Yeah, money. Have to have it, never have enough :) At least, if you enjoy traveling internationally, you never have enough :)

    Hopefully next time in Europe, we'll make it up to Copenhagen, it would be wonderful to see it.

    Hope you manage to get away for a bit and come back remembering why you like Copenhagen :)

  4. You should absolutely try and make it to Copenhagen. Despite all this cold and dark and grey I still love my city very much. I even pity it for having to suffer this shitty weather, it looks so much better in the good light.

    But a short trip is always good, and I always love coming back home again. :-)

  5. We went from -18 C earlier this week to a "balmy" +8 C today. It feels like I am some place else.... :)

  6. Berlin, really ?
    London ! Go to Ireland, oh Ireland...

  7. Hey tak for sidst forresten, det var great fun! Godt at møde dig.

  8. Celena, it is beyond freezing here, I forgot it could be this mean, but at this very moment the sun is out and the sky is a bright blue. Like a small glimpse of the mini vacation I long for. :-)

    Carole, Berlin is so close and very inexpensive and rich on street art. I would love to go to Ireland, but that is not just a three-day-trip-destination.

    Hej Mofling, tak og i lige måde, det var en sjovt arrangement!


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