03 February 2011

A Key For Change

These days not one go by without some charity organization knocking on my door. Yesterday it was for Africa, and the day before that it was for the children. Yesterday was also the sneak premiere of the Copenhagen Fashion Week, with a fashion related charity event A Key For Change, for the victims of the Pakistani flood. 999 custom made house key pendants have been numbered, photographed and put up for sale and the proceeds goes uncut towards building 200 new houses in Pakistan. 

The event took place at the store of Shft/This Issue (remember that one?), and the adjoining workshop space was turned into a small gallery. For a fashion related event it was refreshingly down to earth, inspiring and happy, I wish the rest of the week (which is really only three days, but they insist on calling it a week) would play out like that.

Exhibition by fashion photographer Henrik Bülow.

No artistic integrity beyond this point

No artistic integrity beyond this point. (Right after I uploaded this picture to flickr it was faved by one of Germanys coolest street artists Antonia Schultz from Various & Gould, small stuff like that just makes my day! If you like street art you must check out their new website Grobgrafik)

Yummy date cake from The Raw Tribe down the street. With beet colored coconut, how sweet is that?

 A blanket garment from an earlier event by Icelandic designer Vík Prjónsdóttir.

These come with a spare set of contrasting shoelaces. I'm on fire!

The key to getting ahead in the fashion business is kissing *ss and faking enthusiasm, and I suck at both. Big time. But then I also do not take pleasure in trashing people, and knowing full well what a tremendous effort goes into even the smallest productions and how seriously people work to make it happen, there will be no foul reviews here. If I see something I really like, you will be the first to know. And if you don't hear another word about fashion in the next three days, you will now know exactly what that means too, haha. Ah, you make it fun for me. Thank you for that.


  1. Well you have to love fashion. Even if I would not want to be part of it I love that many people working there are so passionate and funny and hard working. There is nothing like it, like that energy. Too bad so much money is involved.

  2. my favorite people in the world(!!) are people who don't fake enthusiasm(or any thing else for that matter).
    Still loving your blog :)
    Hilsen Astrid :)

  3. Hej Astrid, hvor er det hyggeligt! Jeg er glad for at du er her endnu :D

    Hi Carole, creative energy is a blessing in any form, and fashion have that built in "drama" that I so badly need. Of course how we define fashion differs, but that is fine with me. I don't care for the in/out concept, or the body image/age policing, or anything hyped and "it".

    One day I have to come up with a decent description of my definition of fashion, and what it means to me. :-)


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