05 February 2011

Moving on

I can't believe that we have come to this point, but here we are... at the end of a three day fashion week that might as well have been a lecture on the latest development in farming equipment. It is like the lips are moving, but they are not talking to me, and neither of us care to make the effort to understand one another.

It is not that I don't still appreciate a good cut, mad colors, proportions and above all the accessories. Maybe it just have to do with the fact that I am not a stick woman with a million dollar clothing budget, I am not a lady who lunch and I don't care to dress like one either. I do, however, get a rush from hunting for clothes, preferably vintage and at a price that will still allow me to eat well and travel as often as possible. There is something magical about bringing home a newly discovered piece that will fit into the "family" and stay until it falls apart. The long-term relationship. I am not above buying something regrettable just because I need the fix, but the really good pieces, somehow always a case of love at first sight, come at their own pace.

Fortunately for the good people of the Copenhagen Fashion Week there is no shortage of people who would give their right arm to report on the latest thing. Not dragging myself through it like I am having my teeth pulled is the kindest thing I can do for everybody involved, trust me. Anyway, for some reason I really feel how short life is at the moment, and I only want to fill mine with what touches my heart. And my eyes:

The tease

Tell me if you have ever seen a sexier saddle?

Extinction express

-or a finer use of medium and negative space? 

Love the city at night

Love the city at night. (I do)

That's a kindergarten in the background with all the stuffed animals in the window, in case you were wondering. This may sound strange, but I find this bench really inviting. Except for the fact that I took this shot with my back turned to four dead swans on the lake, but that heartbreak is for another post. 

God hearts you

God loves you. Bench therapy for the religiophobic (hi).

Bench poem

(reads:) He makes patterns on the ground with the tip of his shoe. No space disappears with growth and development: the global will not replace the local.


  1. Uh Søerne, gotta love them.

  2. cool, as ever!

    men hvad med 'space' istedet for 'room'?

  3. Helt klart "space". Det retter jeg straks, tak Hr. Ambassadør. :D

  4. Love the bench. what happened to the swans ? In Zürich, there were signs telling not to feed bread to the swans because they were allergic to gluten!!! of course everybody was feeding bread to the swans...
    On the subject of fashion, I think there is a difference between loving design, clothes, fabrics etc. and loving fashion. I'm the 1st kind, I love clothes, and I certainly love design and creativity, but fashion is tiring me very quickly...

  5. Carole, it may be food related, a lot of swans have died this last week, it is truly heartbreaking, but so far the cause is unknown. I will call the animal control people on monday and ask.

    You actually managed to describe the fashion/creativity issue very well, this is exactly how I feel about it too. There should be another word for it, really, one word does not cover it all. Especially not "fashion". :-)

  6. wow, makes you wonder, when a week with happenings of all sorts of things, still leave you with the feeling that life is so short. Those are wake up calls and gifts wrapped in very special gift wrappings.

    I love the bench - I can see what you mean. And to day I tried out one of the benches on Dronning Louises bridge - from an earlier post of yours - and it was wonderful!

    :) Astid

  7. Hi Astrid, I am so happy that you agree with me on the benches (and those on the bridge too, so cool), and I hope that the city is not busy planning to paint this one a mono-green. It is like a little piece of art. :-)

  8. I couldn't help but type the text on the bench in Google and found that it belongs to this project:
    Production of Space. Nice!

    In relation to the fashion week, sorry things did turn as expected. :-/

  9. Wow Xuriguera, I am impressed that you managed to dig out the information. And a little embarrassed that I did not even think of that, haha. It is quite surprising to me that this project is so old, and yet this is the first time I noticed it.

    On the fashion thing, I think the term has to be reevaluated, because there is a part of it that I hold very close to my heart. What I love is more substance and style, and creative collaborations. Maybe fashion is in for a revolution as well?

  10. Hi Sandra,
    I have no idea what makes you feel that life is short at this specific moment but you are right, life is short and we should enjoy the things that make us happy, that's why I make bubbles :-)

    I also enjoy your pictures, you are one of those people that see the beauty in every day objects and objects that most people just walk by without ever noticing them. You capture them is such a way that they become pieces of art.

  11. Hej. Har lige forelsket mig i bloggen. Sympatisk at se nogen blogge med koldt vand i blodet omkring fashionVeckan, især siden det ikke er pga antipati mod mode generelt.
    I dag gik jeg langs dronning louises bro og så en dyreambulance. Men de kunne kun redde to svaner med. Der var én til, som havde lagt sig til at dø så langt ude på isen, at de ikke kunne nå den. Da jeg kom tilbage fem timer senere lå den stadig stille samme sted, men var i live. Det gør ondt at se. Håber en dyrevenlig gangster med håndgøb kommer forbi og sparer den for flere lidelser.

  12. Hi Frans, it makes me really happy that you like my pictures. I do seem to see the bigger picture in the details, and maybe even get lost in them too, but that is just part of the fun.

    I get how blowing big fantastic bubbles can make you happy the same way, and I would love to try and make some myself one day. :-)

  13. Hej li ma, det går stærkt ved søerne nu kan jeg høre. De fire døde jeg så er allerede fjernet, og det var godt nok mørkt men det lignede at der var flere der lå forkert på isen for en time siden. Jeg skal slet ikke overskue hvad der sker hvis allesammen dør, det ville være så forfærdeligt. De må rubbe sig med den obduktion!

    Til gengæld er jeg lykkelig for at du er glad for min blog. Superhyggeligt.

    (krydsede fingre for at en gangster for en gang skyld bruger krudtet fornuftigt)

  14. Sandra said:

    I get how blowing big fantastic bubbles can make you happy the same way, and I would love to try and make some myself one day. :-)

    Great, I am sure you will enjoy it. You will need a few special ingredients and a good recipe for the bubble solution. I will be more than happy to send them to you. Maybe we meet again somewhere and make some bubbles together. If the Experimentarium will host it again than I will surely be there.

  15. Oh, that would be fantastic! I hope the Experimentarium goes for another bubble fest, I would love to learn from the master. :D

  16. Well, I would not call myself the master, that would be Alan McKay from my country of birth NZ :-)

    Have a look at this item about him that was broad casted on Russian television, a bubble the size of a train wagon:


    This is another video from Ophelie from France that always makes me smile because she has such fun:


    I will email you about the recipe.

    Have fun :-)

  17. The saddle with the red leather is super cool!

    The sign screwed on, "He makes patterns on the ground with the tip of his shoe. No space disappears with growth and development: the global will not replace the local." is weird and incorrect at the same time, in my opinion. The intro "He makes patterns etc" intruiges the reader, thinking it might be poetry. But the rest of the sentence is just plain false; A lot of spaces disappears with 'growth and development'( 2 main arguments for pro-capitalism) - and the global will indeed replace the local, which we see everyday: Big firms like Bilka, McDonalds and IKEA swallows up the small businesses and destroys the little man on the corner...
    I like the idea of screwing on a plate, but I prefer poetic or profound messages instead of whatever it is we see here :)

  18. Drumstick, it is interesting: I did not go into the meaning of the sign, the fact that it was there was enough to make me happy. Not being a big fan of poetry (in the written form, anyway), I did not let the text sink in. But yes, now that you mention it, the local environment must be nourished to survive, and since it does not come with much of a financial benefit it has been overlooked in the past decades. I am a big fan of the local, as you can probably tell, maybe I have to do a post on that sometime. :-)

  19. Her er bl.a. noget om street art i Rom:

  20. Hej Kirsten, det var et dejligt link, tak for det.

  21. Tjek denne opfindsomme gadeartist:



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