05 March 2011

Calling all crap-vertisers

Only those in the absolute forefront of advertising and promotion seems to recognize that you must never take people's time for granted or in any way make them feel worse about themselves. The key is offering something that you can get behind, and knowing where to make your mark. At the risk of putting this secret spot on the map for crap-vertisers, I would like to point out the most happening bridge in Copenhagen: Queen Louises Bridge.

On one corner by the Nile hill people go for micro picnic's, first dates and after-work beer, and just below on the curved benches there is the evening sun spot, with one of the most beautiful views in Copenhagen. Across from that on the same side, by the statue Young People Sitting is where the coolest people leave the coolest flyers behind (seriously: no crap ever makes it to this spot, only the best). In case you forgot, I made you a little recap: remember the alternative way of promoting an upcoming movie? The prison movie "R" went on to collect every single award in the country for best, well... everything. You could somehow tell even before it opened that they had a different approach, you know what I mean?

And then there was the flying flyer. I never got around to hear the band live, but even so: what a cool use of media and location.

And the other day I had to hit the brakes for this:

Brick flyers


Brick flyers (!) for Quiproquo, the latest show of the contemporary circus performers group Rapid Eye. 200 painted bricks have been scattered all over the city, and if you spot one and send in a picture you could win free tickets to the performance. If the location and creative promotion is any indication, this could be a gig worth attending.

The thing these guys all have in common is working with the surroundings, and doing so on what could easily be the tightest of budgets, and yet they are the ones I remember even after years have passed. And that, dear crap-vertisers, is how that is done!

PS! In case you are wondering, this is what I call crap-vertising.


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