30 March 2011

Cover your ears...

It is official: Copenhagen is coming out of its coma. I know it sounds crazy, but I had almost forgotten how sweet this season is. Is it that I see more, or that there is more to be seen? On the bicycle highway, also known as Nørrebrogade, this sign has been left hanging warning us about falling ice. Like we need a reminder that we just spend six months in the dungeon? Finally, someone put a twist on it:

Watch out for falling ice

Watch out for falling ice (spring edition).

And in the construction bonanza right across from the Parliament, this one caught my eye. I never noticed how the Danish word for control spelled backwards is "enough crap". Priceless.

Kon trol (lort nok)

Cargo mover

..and nobody even raises an eyebrow. What? The guy is moving a couch on his bike? Big deal.

But absolutely nothing beats this:

(cover your ears, my heart is about to explode)


  1. Faldende is? Måske skulle man tage en tur til Nørrebro.

  2. Sjovt nok har jeg det lige sådan hver gang jeg ser et af dine billeder fra Amager.

  3. Heart skips a beat kinda wonderful.......
    I think I want to hug you for that last picture :)
    here comes ;)

  4. Der er jo så meget goodness i denne post! Yum!

  5. Marleen, than you for the hug, I swear I felt it!

    Flora Amalie, orv hvor gør det mig glad at høre, tak.

  6. LOVE the couch mover!

  7. Love the pictures, especially the holding hands and the couch!

    In CPH, anything goes on a bike. Once we moved my friend to her new flat via bike. It felt so wrong but oh so right... I managed monster grocery loads, pizza deliveries and vuggestuen pickups on my lovely Everton. Unfortunately, now it sits in my Canadian garage because no one knows how to fix the mechanics here... :(

    Happy spring, Sandra!

  8. Hi Celena,
    I'm so glad you like the people shots. It is not often I take pictures of people, but when they make it impossible for me not to, I overcome my shyness.

    These two shots are right next to each other on my "roll", so this was an extraordinarily generous day. I even missed the sweetest couple where a boy on a bicycle was pulling his girlfriend on old fashioned white boot side by side roller skates. But I am not in a position to complain, haha.

    Anything really goes on a bike here, it is freedom on wheels! How cool that you brought your bicycle home with you, are you quite sure there are not someone in your part of the world who can fix it? You must miss riding it terribly...

    Happy spring to you too, Celena!

  9. So cute !
    The couch... it looks like something I would try to do and end up in the middle of the street with a broken bike and a couch i cannot move and a traffic jam with angry people :)

  10. Hi Carole, maybe a couch would be a little much for a tiny woman, but on the other hand I have transported large paintings and lamps and piles of stuff for when I was selling on the flea market. It's just a matter of balance, really. I love pushing the limit for what can be done on wheels :D

  11. Krishan AroraJuly 16, 2011

    beautiful images, you have a wonderful eye for the details that are what living in a city is all about


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