24 March 2011

Early signs

Although it is still creepy cold and today so windy that it might as well be fall, you feel that spring has arrived. Let me walk you through the early signs:

----- Itching to flash some skin again -----

Coffee on the rocks

----- Switching from hot coffee to iced (hello ritual) -----

----- The first soft ice -----

Vintergækker / spring announcers

----- Snow drops -----
----- Nail polish (Uslu by local designer Henrik Vibskov) -----

And then of course the need (if not the urge) to clean the house, take stock of the inventory and throw out all the unwanted stuff, which this time around seems to be... well, everything. Trying on the mysteriously shrinking wardrobe also known as last year's summer clothes, and perhaps shopping for a fresh supply of things ensuring that a year from now the cycle can be repeated. Ah, life.

What are your spring rituals?


  1. Well, lately my spring ritual has been getting soaked everywhere I go (http://www.flickr.com/photos/poetas/5555811579/)

    But other than that, we are getting rid of a bunch of stuff from our apartment, soon putting our car up for sale, and beginning to get a bit more lively in the kitchen again (cooking, that is) :)

    Just made a batch of kimchee, looking forward to doing more of that. Also got a beautiful double boiler (http://givetothewheat.blogspot.com/2011/03/new-kitchen-gear.html), so I'm really looking forward to experimenting with different sauces :)

    Now if only we could get more than about 3 hours sun at a time, I might really feel like it was spring.

  2. Eating your way through spring? That sounds like a plan too. But with the state of my shrinking wardrobe I need to make some adjustments (other than chucking it all, haha)... Just unloaded a huge suitcase full of goodies at the kindergarten down the street, they have flea markets saving up to go to Norway, this should take care of at least a couple of kids. :D

  3. Ha, I'm not aware of any ritual in my house. So far here Spring has been the most rainy and cold season. So... curling up in my bed ans read ? I've been moving way to many times (thousands of miles away each times) to even think of settling any ritual.

  4. Hi Carole, maybe rituals only occur when you experience spring in the same country/climate for years in a row? Then you know exactly what to look for, and these little strange rituals sneak up on you (me).

  5. Jeg tror at ordet du leder efter er: mmmmmmmmmm.


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