10 March 2011

Heart of the hood

In Denmark you are not allowed to carry a weapon, or anything that can be used as one (and that even includes box cutters). But with the borders opening up guns are flooding the streets, and Nørrebro feel this more than any other borough in Copenhagen. During spikes in shootings and violence, police are granted "visitation zones", allowing them to stop any citizen and pad him down.

The police are not mind readers, and the assignment is ungrateful by nature. We all want the guns off the street, but you also get the frustration of the innocent suffering the humiliation of being singled out and padded down just because they look "wrong". But I still prefer this to the craziness of easily manipulated gun-toting losers, spreading terror in my neighborhood. The trials of our borough are reflected on the walls, tunnels, roofs and streets, where everyone from artists to schoolchildren express their concern.

Nørrebro's hjerte / The Heart of Nørrebro

Heart of guns detail

The Heart Of Nørrebro, sculpture by artist Bjørn Nørgaard made from firearms collected during a "turn in your gun" program (I don't even know the correct word for that.. everything gun related is still so Hollywood to me). The heart is raised high on a pedestal, inscribed in ten different languages stating "we want to live together".

F*ck cops

Frustration by Spyo

Watch yourself

It ain't rocket science

End all wars immediately!!!

And a window decorated by the children's drawing class of Rådmandsgades school:

Stop war.

(the other war)

I am touched by how much they care, but at the same time it is sad that children should even have to worry about this, don't you think? And it just now strikes me how most Danish street artists and even the children communicate in English. It's almost like they know that you are watching...


  1. Another great street art post! :) I would like to see the Bjørn Nørgaard sculpture in real life - where can I find it?
    I guess you're right about us always writing in English; for me it's just a more poetic and melodic language than Danish, and I have the opportunity to reach people who don't know Danish ;-)
    Enjoy the weekend!

    PS To the Danes in CPH:
    Jeg har mistet min bolig fra 31.maj , så hvis nogen af jer kender til nogen som lejer noget ud, må I meget gerne maile mig på drumsteak@gmail.com -dusør gives- mvh Drumstick.

  2. The heart is at Aksel Larsens Plads/Nørrebrogade before Nørrebro Station. Coming from the city it is on the left side of the street. Go check it out!

    And a very nice weekend to you too :-)

  3. What's up with the guns? in Europe? When I first came here in the US, I was so fearless that my (ex) husband told me that this was different, that I should look at everyone as they were likely to carry a gun. I still can't fully realize it because I never went to these states were they openly carry guns, and I never saw any gang person with a gun or something like that.

  4. That is the thing about guns here, I have never actually seen one, but I hear about it when shots are fired. They still report every incident in the news, so that is a good thing. Real scary begins when it becomes everyday action, not worth mentioning. It is almost like a virginity that we are fighting to keep, once it's gone it will never come back.

  5. Thanks for the blog! I love the new face in top, with the anarchist signs. Saw the pasteup at Ground 69 / Jagtvej right after the first of march, the yearday for the clearing of Ungdomshuset in CPH, but unfortunately did´nt take a photo. The tekst said something like: "When obvious justice is a crime"
    Tried to find it at www.tejnibyen.dk , the homepage of the street artist Tejn, who did the piece. Did´nt succeed, but will try again later. Think it hits the head on the nail, as we say poeticly in danish :-) Have you got the whole pic on your computer? Only the upper half is remaining at Jagvej 69 now and I want it for a t-shirt :-)

  6. Hi anonymous, you are welcome. I love that face too, and I am planning on posting the pictures from that day soon. You should check out my flickr stream (link is on the monkey to the right), and the picture you are looking for is there too (here).

  7. Thanx a lot. Looking forward to that :-) Nice pictures on Flickr! Will continue keeping an eye on this blog. Sorry about the missing name. Must get a profile soon :-)


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