08 March 2011

I name thee Spring

There have been times this winter when I thought it was going to break me for good. You could probably tell? But the reward for sucking up every shade of grey there ever was for the longest winter we ever endured, is finally here. Somebody drew the curtains in the very last moment and colors, oxygen and hope slowly returns. I don't care how cold it still is, let's just go ahead and call this spring! I bought tulips and I see life in color again. Just look at what I found today, the classic gargoyle railing from one of the earliest posts. With a twist.

(I'm going for the overkill here, it's just too juicy to resist)

A classic with a twist

Kaffekunsten, a coffee bar in Pisserenden (where else?)

Classic Copenhagen gargoyle




Nice save, spring!


  1. NIIIICE! I love those gargoyle railings! But this one - amazing! Great find, tusind tak, Sandra!

  2. Yay, farver.

    Jeg kom til at tænke på dig, da jeg så den her blog: http://vivianmaier.blogspot.com/. Er det ikke bare fantastisk?

  3. Ah, Kelly, I'm happy you like it! I can tell there used to be a twin, but it has been sawed off. The destiny of so many of the cool old gargoyles. Good thing we caught this one!

    Yay, Fie! Jeg er helt vild med de billeder, og historien er så fantastisk! Meget fint at du lige kom til at tænke på mig :D

  4. Reading your two posts at the same time. Ah, this is hope right?

  5. This is hope. We're clinging to it these days, no sun today, but a promise of some in the weekend, plus the biannual outdoor flea market down the street on sunday. Every little thing counts.

  6. Wonderful! I've also seen them painted all black, looks great too.


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