15 March 2011

Man down

As of yesterday we are back to living in a visitation zone. A couple of days ago someone fired shots outside the city, and when that happens you know there will be retaliations. Apparently it is not important who goes down, so long as it is on the other gang's turf, and this time a 19 year old high school student paid with his life in Blågårdsgade. Right where I buy my vegetables every day. It just makes me so mad. I refuse to be bullied out of my own neighborhood by gangs, events or heavy police presence. I think it is important to maintain an everyday life here, and not let evil win. So I stopped by the spot to take pictures of all the sweet notes and flowers left behind. 

There were about fifteen mourners gathered around the spot when the police pulled up in a big van, five uniformed officers moving alongside approaching the crowd. I tried to figure out what they hoped to gain by this because tension only escalated. One yelled: "you should know that this is only considered a provocation on your part". Another went on with a harder rhetoric: "we are not afraid to die". "You will be sorry for this". Followed by the sound of a couple of heavy stones hitting the police van (uncool!). From bad to ugly in less than five minutes.

I hold the gangs (both sides) responsible for this crap! And I wish they had not succeeded in marking this street as their turf. Poor Blågårdsgade and poor Nørrebro. And my deepest condolences go out to the father who just lost his only son and relative.

You hear about these shootings in the news from time to time, but it was not until I saw all the notes and flowers that the extent of the tragedy fully dawned on me.

So much love from friends and neighbors.

(the break-it-up-guys approach. Not quite fitting for a memorial sight..)


  1. Ah exactly what I was talking about in my last comment. This saddens me a lot. And I'm so surprised of this violence. I wonder about Paris. I don't think Paris has this now. But I might be wrong and now that I have a son, I should investigate. In any case I am very sorry for Copenhagen.

  2. That is so sweet of you.

    On the living situation there are a lot of families living here with small children, and some of them are trying to move out, but it is not easy selling your house when there are shootings around the corner.. Even if the cases are very isolated, they stay on peoples mind for a long time.

    But it is interesting how this also brings out something good, people get together and march for peace in the streets, and make local events to claim the neighborhood back. That is so much better than fleeing the scene, and giving in to violence.

  3. How sad! Good for you for staying put. Bullies shouldn't win! Stay safe, Sandra...

  4. It is sad. But strangely I never felt unsafe here, and still don't. But even if I did, I would still not give in to bullies.

    Cosy to hear from you. :-)

  5. PS: I always loved Norrebro. The atmosphere on Norrebrogade is very cool.

    Cosy to talk to you too! :)

  6. Hi Sandra, did you see the last photo of Katie West
    I think you'll like it.

  7. Carole, oh! Abandoned couch alert, I love it thank you.

    Celena, Nørrebro is a survivor, I love it too :-)

  8. Oh Sandra, I can't see a picture with abandoned couches without thinking of you.
    I hope this thing is not turning into an obsession, because I look at A LOT of pictures... All the time...

  9. Ih det lort bliver bare ved!!

  10. Det ligner lidt skruen uden ende. Jeg ved ikke engang om man kan stoppe det.


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