22 March 2011

Out of sight

Most if not all cars made today look the same to me. Is it too much to ask that you be able to tell them apart? Perhaps they could come in more than three colors? It never made sense to me how they would discontinue the classics, or re-design them beyond recognition, when the originals still rule the world. Or mine at least. Anyway, I spotted this crazy cool underwater parking basement on Vesterbro the other day. The perfect place to get all these gassy monstrosities out of your sight (oh, now I am going to upset a whole new batch of readers, if I keep this up I will end up talking to myself, haha).

Concrete diver

Underwater parking in Copenhagen


Pier fishing

So many details, I can't stop...

Drowned bicycle

Octopus vs. diver

One more and that's it:



  1. Only in Copenhagen, would there be a a sunken bicycle!

  2. Have to agree with you about modern cars... ugh. I've heard that they are actually often designed now to be intimidating, not beautiful. That wouldn't be surprising to me.

  3. Bryant, true haha.

    Dave, that would make perfect sense. I still say that if they decided to rerun the old shapes it would be a big hit. Just imagine if the beautiful cars returned to the streets... This whole intimidation strategy is so outdated.

  4. Yeah, I for one am really tired of people trying to intimidate me off the road with their cars. And it doesn't even happen that often here compared to many places.

    I also have a feeling that if beautiful cars returned to the streets, their drivers would feel less inclined to bully other road users (including other people in cars).

    Here's hoping....

    Bryant: plenty of sunken bicycles in Amsterdam too :D

  5. That's an interesting idea, that beauty will somehow inspire manners. It works on other things than cars, like with beautiful clothes, and even red lipstick. It just brings out a softer and perhaps more ladylike side of me. Now I want to try on all my dresses and paint my nails :-)

  6. Elsker den sure kuglefisk.

  7. You should do it! :)

  8. Haha, det gør jeg også, den måtte bare med.

  9. I also love the blowfish...

    Wish I could get around in an old model T-ford ;)

  10. Hi Celena, I wish you could too. Imagine a world where cars were (still) pieces of art, I think even traffic jams would be bearable. :-)

  11. ahahah, when we bought our car I was so afraid that I could not find it in a parking lot because they all look alike! And guess what, it actually happened. I had to ask the guy of the parking lot to find my car ;)) Fortunately it is not an intimidating car. Soon in Paris I'll be car-less again. But I must say I enjoy driving, and the freedom of going anywhere I want when I want. I love the blow fish and the bike.

  12. Well LA is made for getting around by car. Paris not so much. Owning a car in Copenhagen is a huge hassle, from traffic jams to parking problems. The feeling you describe is exactly how I feel on my bicycle in Copenhagen. I can go anywhere, anytime and the rush I get from going there on my own steam is a real high.

  13. I feel much the same in Portland - the bicycle often offers me more freedom, and always less stress, than the car. Over time, I've gotten less and less fond of driving, just naturally, and try to avoid it unless I really need to (to carry large things, or go out of the city).

    Owning a car in Portland isn't a huge hassle (it's encouraged), and we do own one (for a little while longer, trying to sell it), but I will almost always choose the bicycle if I have a choice, even in the rain :)

  14. Hi Dave, there are car-share programs here that I have not looked into.. They have special parking privileges too (oh, those empty but reserved spaces used to piss me off back when I had my small car haha). One day I would like to get a nice cargo bike, like a Bullitt maybe mmm. But not before we get a decent parking solution like the car shaped one, so it stays dry and safe from thieves.

  15. Yeah, we have a car-sharing program in Portland (and a few other cities in the U.S.), which is what we plan to make use of after we sell our car, for the times when we really need one. About $7-15 per hour (depending on the type of vehicle) includes insurance and gas, so it's a great deal. No special parking privileges, but I don't think we're nearly as tight on car parking as you would be in Copenhagen :)

    We've considered a cargo bike as well, but we have the same issue, it's difficult to park them, and for the amount we would need it, we could also rent one for a couple of hours from a local bike shop, so unless someone decides to give us one or something, we'll probably hold off :)

  16. I do know someone who doesn't even have a driver's license here in LA, but it is totally doable here in Santa Monica, it's just that you miss a lot, and have to count on others for many things. As for Paris, it is really not a good city for cars. The traffic is horrendous and there's no parking (but a lot of tickets). I don't know why one would bother...

  17. The paintings are great! Love it. Cars diving into the basement parking. ;-)
    This would be my favourite parking space. But in Copenhagen you do not need a car because it's a cycle-friendly city. I experienced that 2 years ago. :-)
    By the way, I like your blog a lot. So many details to discover in Copenhagen.


  18. Hi Ulrike I am really happy that you like it here. You are right, Copenhagen is a great place to hunt for details, it is fantastic that I can still find things I have never seen before i my own city. Like a treasure hunt. :-)

  19. Sandra- you keep amazing me with your photographs of hidden treasures like this in our city! :) These murals are amazing, must have taken a long time to paint it. And yes the bubble fish is also my favourite.

    About the car issue, I agree that most new cars look alike and very boring in design. I've always been interested in cars, and get all soft knees when I see classics like the Volvo Amazon or Renault 4 :-D
    - I 'm glad I sold my old Toyota Corolla before moving to Copenhagen 6 years ago...'Cuz parking is not only a hazzle, it's very expensive here.

    And if you park just slightly wrong, the parking ticket inspectors will be there like a hawk and deliver a parking ticket, even if you have bought the time to park there.
    However what many motorists don't know, if you arrive back to your car just as they are writing the ticket, it's illegal for them to give it to you. That's a law they don't tell you about ;-) Don't know if it's that same abroad, though.

    I'm doing my own activist thing against big monsters of cars (like Mercedes Benz and BMW), inspired by the german movie "Die Vetten Jahre Sind Vorbei"-'the fat years are over' (Eng.title:"The Educators"). I have printed cards with me at all times, saying "You have too much money", and I slap that behind the windshield wiper of huge cars that are not only ugly but unnescissary.

    I recommend the movie if you haven't seen it: Some young people break into homes of the ultra rich, but instead of stealing their stuff, they just move the items around the house, for instance building a sculpture of interlocked chairs, then leave the note "You have too much money" and leave without a trace :-)


  20. Hi Drumstick, I love it all! The fat years are over, haha. The huge cars (more like tanks) with all of two exhaust pipes are just a mockery, I like the idea that you gently point that out to them. Gotta see that movie, thanks for recommending it.

    Just the other day I spotted a parking attendant on a bicycle. He stopped the bike at random, and wagged his finger and shook his head disapprovingly when he saw someone about to park illegally.

    Back when I had a car (my sweet old mini) I remember the hassle of Copenhagen parking, not worth it. But ultimately I think it is better that they work on the public transportation, and mark the prices down, so that everybody can afford to get on board. And get some of that ego-traffic out of town. :-)

  21. I stand corrected: spotted one of the monstrosities today and it does not have two but FOUR exhaust pipes. Unbelievable!

  22. det er virkelig godt tænkt, hvor på vesterbro ligger herligheden?

  23. Hej Sara,

    Ja, den er vildt fin. Kan ikke lige huske navnet på gaden, men det er Saxogade eller en af de gader der ligger parallelt med den, en sidegade til Istedgade.


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