12 March 2011

Sexy back

Every once in a while I let my bike take me where it wants to. Really all I do is pedal, and I can't explain how I ended up in this place. But when I spotted the rotting couch I knew I was in heaven. I have this thing for abandoned couches. And beautiful decay (ah, and beautiful garbage!). And details. I have a thing for yellow too, used in the right context it's damn near porn. Meet the sexiest back yard in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen lamp

Kama seatra

Beautiful garbage

Mirror image

Yellow arrow

Wavy roof

Plywood patchwork


Rotting white leather couch

Was it good for you too?


  1. Yes, very good. Flotte og sjove billeder.

  2. Haha, tak. Det reddede lige dagen.

  3. Wicked. Love the 'betalingsautomat' sign

  4. I was in Frederiksberg all afternoon, and couldn't help thinking I would run into you. As if that place is not too big for that kind of coincidence, haha.

  5. I once took pictures of punk kids on an old couch left on the street, and this was almost porn to me too. Portraits (I'm usually too shy) on a scenery in the East village of Manhattan, so cool ;) I understand your feeling.

  6. Maybe it is the misplaced feeling of discarded furniture in the street that is so appealing? I always go to great lengths to keep my pictures people free, but once in a while it could be fun to mix it up. I need a different camera with a longer reaching lens then (ah, one more camera, what a dream!). :-)

  7. Det er da en fed sofa, hvis den var ny!

  8. I love the tangled up chairs and the tire couch!

  9. Today I read, that on top of Kødbyen a painted hidden message exists, one that you can only read from the high rises at Kalvebod Brygge.

    It says.

    Claim the streets

  10. Ha, that would explain why I have not seen it... but the message is just fine with me.


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