27 April 2011

All systems go

If under dressed girls on bikes and flirty men are your thing, this would be a great time to visit Copenhagen. The last week we have had a non stop streak of almost summer like weather, and this has worked as a kick start on us Danes: all systems are go. This is the big payoff I was talking about, the reward for sticking it out six months in the dungeon. And there is no saying how long it will last, so we go all out and under dress, overeat delicious ice cream (observation: cones are so over, it's all about the cups and spoons now), drink oversized draft beer or chilled wine (on weekdays too) in the sun, and move religiously in any direction it takes us. More often than not that would be on the ground. It doesn't matter.

And it is not just that we need our D-vitamins (so much so that they recently launched an icky D-vitamin enriched milk), it is also about feeling the juices return to your body, feeling alive. For me it is like the first spring I have had, well... ever. I almost feel like I may have missed it the last time around. This time I am ready: windows cleaned, outlook good, and tomorrow the movers from the storage facility will clutter up my house all over again with a lifetime of emotional concrete. I say: bring it on!


  1. You had me at "underdressed girls on bikes" . . . I'll be there on the 6th. Please do continue the warm weather in the meantime.

  2. Haha, you can see it for yourself then. And good news for Copenhagen and my favorite ballerina too. Here's the link we visit like church, the weather site: http://www.dmi.dk/dmi/danmark/regionaludsigten/kbhnsj.htm

  3. You go girl, take as much sun as possible on these thighs...;) Seriously, it sounds good, even from LA where I should seriously think of sunblock (but I know in Paris I will return to sick white in no time, so... I over do it. And believe me I take my sun in my morning run mainly, so the marks are not pretty pretty.
    OK I babble, enjoy the sun!

  4. It is hard not to act like it is summer, but this is sneaky, the ground is still cold, and if you are in the shadow it is too easy to catch a cold. A lot of us have, if I was not stuck inside with the blast from the past I probably would have too. :D


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