12 April 2011

Can I have my country back, please?

According to the measurements of what a desirable citizen looks like, I am appalled to say that I fail miserably. There is little or no room for thinking outside the box, and if your accomplishments cannot be counted in units or weighed on some scale, they simply don't count. Had I not been born here, I would have long since been deported.

And then I look at the immigrants. Some break all the rules, rule gangs, sell drugs, have eight children and become untouchable. These are the guys who make people vote for crazy politicians with an extreme anti-immigration agenda. And then you have "the desirable" like Gus Murray, a highly skilled Australian entrepreneur who by a mistake back in 2005 received the "business start up support" for a period of three months. But as it turned out receiving this support endangered his green card. Naturally he repaid the small sum, but once you are caught in the Danish system (which in the most uninviting fashion is only conducted in Danish), you are pretty much stuck. Leave it to as little as two desk jockeys to get the wires crossed. Even I encounter this problem, and I speak the language. This screw up has led to an annulment of a green card and a deportation order on Gus.

Unfortunately for the inadequate desk jockeys and our Minister of Immigration Gus have an influential network, who have succeeded in raising an impressive amount of support all over Denmark, including extensive media coverage. Despite all this, the Minister of Immigration is still not willing to admit that this is a major screw up traced from his ministry's chain of command. The case of Gus turns out to be the mere tip of the bureaucratic iceberg threatening to drain Denmark of highly skilled immigrants and their native spouses and families. Just when we need them the most. Nothing this government do make sense to me, and I pray they get kicked to the curb at the upcoming election. I want my country back.

Please kiss while waiting


  1. I read about this earlier today on the Politiken website. It is amazing- wouldn't this be the kind of person that Denmark wants? With a Danish education to boot! Who is next then? Crown Princess Mary ;)
    I have always wanted to come back to Copenhagen but, I guess, that I would also be a reject! So much for my Danish education.... :( I promise to be nice....

  2. Hi Celena,
    you know you are always welcome if I have anything to say about it. The immigration situation in Denmark is in a sad state. At one point they even came up with a suggestion that well educated natives not be allowed to leave Denmark unless they had served the country first. Can you imagine? When is enough enough, I wonder? I seriously hope it is about now.

  3. Thanks, Sandra! You are sweet!

    One of the reasons why I wanted to return to Denmark was to "pay back" my Danish education and student grant. I figured that I could contribute to the society and pay taxes in order to put something back into the system (both money and knowledge). It is too bad but, you know, it seems to be a growing trend in lots of countries.... :(

  4. Capitalism doesn't work, this is another clue!
    Everywhere in Europe!
    Let' s hope that the Danes will soon go back to their traditional very well organized social democracy system ...

  5. Hi Celena, that is such an honorable way of looking at it. And Denmark would benefit from that mentality, it is a real pity that it is near impossible. Imagine how much better things would be if everything was not so sealed tight? Of course there will always be those who try to take advantage of the system, but the way it has become, we pay a much higher price. I hope you get to come back one day and give back a little knowlegde. :-)

  6. Uncle Allan: hallelujah brother, haha.

    Anonymous: I couldn't agree more! Capitalism is not fit to be the only God, as it leaves no room for human beings. It is coming to a boil at the moment not just in Europe, but all over the world.

    Denmark still have the structure of a social system underneath the politics of the last decade. A return to human decency should be possible.

  7. This is a disgrace. Not that that is anything new - our immigration policies have become a litany of disgraceful incidents.

    Every time one of these absurd stories come I once again wonder how the people sitting in offices writing emails and making decisions about things like this can look at themselves in the mirror? How do they sleep at night? There's a terrible loss of humanity at play here.

  8. lpfischer, not surprisingly I agree with you. But without the support of the voters they will not be able to keep this up. Fingers crossed that we are in for a change.

  9. AnonymousMay 05, 2011

    Truth is that the ugly face of DK is a part of DK...... just like people, and everything on this planet.
    I've been living in DK for the last 3 1/2 years, now me and my son are kicked out because I divorced my husband!
    Forget my personal point of view, and the psychological damage that this decision can do to my son.
    When I think practical, is the most ridiculous decision the danish authorities could take (to kick us out of the country). If I have to translate this 3 1/2 year into money (like danes use to do), it will be A LOT of money (Language school, free kindergarden for my son -after I've got divorced, municipality support for my apartment rent, help as a single mom and last but DEFINITELY not LEAST: an almost complete basic IT & data supporter education in the technical school in Odense.............. All this to tell me "you are integrated, but you got divorced, so you are not entitled to stay in the country any longer".
    And the worse and more cynical is that every few months they keep talking about "how much money immigrants cost to the state"........ Well.... we could cost less, if they only gave us the opportunity to pay back!
    Now, am leaving the country with a fourth language, a basic technical education from a danish school, to pay my taxes somewhere else.
    And the most sad, I am leaving a country i considered my home.... even though it has such an ugly ugly face.

  10. Anonymous, I am so sorry to hear this. I wish there was something I could do to help. And from what I hear you are not the only immigrant who are sad not to be able to pay back, and be a part of the community. This doesn't make sense.. I don't know what to tell you. I thank you for writing and I wish both of you the best of luck in the future.

  11. AnonymousMay 05, 2011

    There are many things you people can do to stop it. Is funny how easy we get out to the streets and shout loud about other countries policies, or are very fast to boycott any country we think that doesn't deserve to grow, and yet, when it comes to our own garden we forget to take care of it.
    So there is one idea of something that can be done!
    The only thing I could do (besides getting a good lawyer and fight against the Ministry of Integration) was to freely hug people in Copenhagen on April 16th.
    So I've left my mark in Danmark! ;)

  12. It is interesting that you see it that way, because I think that we are not going on the barricades for anyone, not even ourselves. There is a sense of "what's the point, it won't make a difference anyway". The most you get is facebook support. The only place we can really make a difference is when we place our vote on election day. I guess I am hoping for the best of Denmark to win this time. :-)


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